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Evonik Industries’ chemical production site in Krefeld stretches across 21 hectares of land and employs about 600 people. The products range from superabsorbents for the personal hygiene industry all the way to specialty polymers for the agricultural, cable and packaging, and fire fighting industries.

A milestone in the history of the site was the startup in 1986 of the first large-scale production plant for superabsorbents, whose contribution to the baby care business, particularly in diaper production, is appreciated by the parents of the wee customers. The superabsorbents produced in Krefeld occupy a leading position on the global market. Forming a gel, these powder-form polymers can absorb and hold up to 500 times their own weight in liquid. Superabsorbents are thus used in feminine and adult hygiene products, as well as baby diapers. More about superabsorbents:/superabsorber

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