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oil & Gas

Products & Solutions

Evonik’s products extend from upstream to midstream operations. In production facilities, Evonik’s chemistries and polymers (including membranes) are used to separate and transport hydrocarbon products to downstream facilities.

What Evonik brings to the Application
Drag Reducers
Building block to make high molecular weight polymer to reduce the drag in the pipeline.
Alkyl methacrylates (hydrophobic)
Nanofiltration Separation
Robust solvent-stable membranes for separating molecules dissolved in organic liquids.
High performance polyimide
Natural Gas Processing
Upgrading and acid gas (CO2- and H2S) removal from natural gas, synthesis gas, biogas or flue gas. This high-performance absorbent was designed as a drop-in solution for existing plants.
Specialty Amine

John Wey

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  • Phone:  +1 281-465-2601
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