Pharmaceutical Application

Evonik supports patient-friendly health care with a number of product developments for the pharmaceutical industry.

With its pharmaceutical polymers - such as tablet coatings - the company provides smart drug delivery systems that control the time and location when the active ingredients are released, which contributes greatly to the success of the treatment. Pharmaceutical amino acids from Evonik are used in infusion solutions, in cell cultures and to manufacture active ingredients, such as those used to treat high blood pressure and diabetes.
Evonik is also one of the few companies worldwide that is able to produce highly potent active ingredients; these are active ingredients that have the desired effect in very low concentrations. These include, for example, cytostatics to treat cancers.
Global industrialization and higher living standards have increased the demand for correction of visual defects. With improvement in wearing comfort, the proportion of contact lens users has been increasing steadily, particularly in industrialized countries. Soft contact lenses with high dimensional stability, oxygen permeability, and water absorption capacity are produced mainly from ultrapure methacrylates. As one of the world's leading producers of monomers for this sensitive application Evonik ensures good vision.
Special Evonik products (TEMPO and TEMPO derivatives) are used in the pharmaceutical industry as selective and mild oxidation catalysts.