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Code of Conduct


Governance & Compliance

The Evonik Code of Conduct summarizes the most important external and internal principles and rules. All employees must be familiar with these. It outlines the fundamental legal obligations of the Evonik employees and provides a secure basis for their correct business conduct.


The Team Compliance of the Legal & Compliance division is responsible for establishing, continuously developing, and implementing the Code of Conduct.
In case of questions regarding a particular Code of Conduct issue please contact the responsible specialist department.
A contact list is made available on the Intranet.
To ask questions or to report breaches every employee may also use the Compliance Hotline. The hotline is manned by the Compliance Team from the Legal & Compliance division. If another specialist department is responsible for answering the question or investigating the reported breach, Team Compliance passes the information on to the responsible specialist department.
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