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A festive meal with omega-3

With the help of an algal oil particularly rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Evonik and DSM are ensuring that the aquaculture industry can grow sustainably. Because it isn’t only at Christmas that salmon is a favorite among fish lovers.

Fish is widely eaten, and not only on festive occasions. And fish is also on the menu for salmon produced by aquaculture—because salmon are predators, and get their supply of essential omega-3 fatty acids through the natural food chain. For salmon in aquaculture, on the other hand, the oil obtained from small oily fish, such as sardines, that is added to the feed is the most important source of omega-3. About 17 percent of the global catch is used in the production of fish meal and fish oil. The result is that aquaculture contributes to overfishing because it cannot function without marine resources. Evonik and DSM have found an alternative and more sustainable source of omega-3 fatty acids: an oil from marine microalgae that is particularly rich in the two fatty acids EPA and DHA. Thanks to this plant-based alternative, farmed salmon grow healthily while the biodiversity of our seas and oceans is conserved.

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