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December 6, 2010

ACRYLITE® hw55 Acrylic Polymer Meets Stringent Requirements

For Immediate Release — Linear Lighting Technologies, a manufacturer of specification grade lighting fixtures and systems based in Long Island City, NY, recently designed dust covers for a major regional medial center using ACRYLITE® hw55 acrylic polymer from Evonik Cyro LLC. Linear Lighting Technologies selected the ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer because it met the demanding requirements associated with the design, which including high heat deflection, maximum transparency, and resistance to weathering and damage.

Kevin Ehrhardt, an engineer with Linear Lighting Technologies, selected the ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer based on its ability to meet the rigorous specifications of the application. No other acrylic tested could withstand the heat requirements due to the close proximity of the lamp to the shield. Alternatives either burnt, broke or melted. ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer has a high heat deflection temperature of 241° F at 264 psi under load. Even after long-term exposure to heat, ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer retains maximum transparency in contrast with alternative plastics on the market.

“In general, lighting technologies have been increasing at faster rates than shielding material technologies,” said Ehrhardt. “In other arenas, the solution has been to simply not use dust covers altogether. Hospital applications, however, are unique because health codes require dust covers.”

The performance of the ACRYLITE®  hw55 polymer was one factor in the decision-making process. Another was the ability of Tex-Trude, LP, a plastics extrusion company based in Channelview, TX, to produce the polymer in sheet form to exacting standards. Once Linear Lighting received samples of the acrylic sheet, it began fabricating sample shields.

“After we received the samples, we reached out to the tech support team at Evonik Cyro,” said Ehrhardt. “Within hours they responded to our request. Working together, we quickly learned how to best process the acrylic. Because of this kind of support, we were able to develop a product in only three months.”

Once Linear Lighting had a working sample shield, Ehrhardt and his team tested its capabilities. The ACRYLITE® hw55 acrylic shield passed with flying colors. Most importantly, the dust covers have performed very well since being installed in the medical center.

“Our customer is very happy with the outcome. We are as well because this particular project allowed us to find a material that could perform in a high-temperature environment,” said Ehrhardt. “Thanks to Evonik Cyro and Tex-Trude, we now offer a high-heat dust cover and have already used it in four other applications.”

About the ACRYLITE® hw55 Polymer
In addition to superior heat resistance, the ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer provides enhanced mechanical properties and exceptional surface hardness. These excellent properties make the ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer ideal for injection molding of technical parts used in high powered compact lighting applications in automotive, marine, and airport lighting, as well as medical applications. ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer is also well suited for gauge and instrument panels.

For more information on ACRYLITE® hw55 polymer, contact: Evonik Cyro LLC, 379 Interpace Parkway, Parsippany, NJ 07054, USA; Tel: 800-631-5384; Email:; or visit


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