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Cosmetics consumption has changed due to home office & co. Evonik offers its customers a wide range of beauty products adapted to the needs in the current Covid-19-situation.

Makeup for exceptional times

Many things have changed since the coronavirus pandemic became a key factor in our lives. The cosmetics market is no exception. The fact that many people now work from home, wear a mask, and go out less often than before is influencing consumers’ shopping behavior. Evonik is reacting to the situation with its “Take care now” concept. It offers customers comprehensive cleaning and body care solutions adapted to the present Covid-19 situation, including solutions in the area of decorative cosmetics. After all, the need to wear a mask is highly stressful for the skin, requiring it to cope with friction and accumulated moisture. That’s why, now more than ever, daily makeup needs to have certain properties. It should be antimicrobial and sweat-resistant, long-lasting and as non-smearing as possible. One of the makeup product ingredients offered by Evonik is TEGO® Feel C 10, which consists of natural cellulose. It absorbs sebum and oil and creates a matte finish—an effect that also helps people look their best when they’re making video calls from home. However, today the overall focus is on eye makeup. “Over-the-mask makeup” has become an established product category. One of the products Evonik offers in this area is SPHINGONY®. It lengthens and thickens eyebrows and eyelashes, enhancing the expressiveness of the user’s eyes—with or without a mask, on a display or in real life.

A play of colors

Hair dye is a popular product, whether the user wants to conceal strands of gray or simply likes to try out new looks. Most hair dyes contain hydrogen peroxide in order to bleach the brownish-black melanin pigments—and it’s not only the light hair colors that benefit from the bleaching effect. Evonik offers ultrapure and specially stabilized H202 products for this bleaching process under the brand name PERSYNT®. This product was specially developed for the cosmetics and body care industry and is available to customers in various quality categories. Incidentally, according to the market research institute Euromonitor, women in Spain and Portugal are the most adventurous when it comes to experimenting with new looks, including new hair colors. Scandinavian and English women, by contrast, mostly value high quality and therefore depend on hairdressers to care for their hair.

Happiness in small bottles

Nail polish is an all-rounder that upgrades every look, adapts to every trend, and simply puts users in a good mood. In short, it adds the final touch to every styling. Nail polish comes in a wide spectrum of colors and finishes ranging from shiny to matte, or with tiny particles for special effects. The possibilities are endless. To prolong the pleasure, every small bottle contains silica as a stabilizer. The silica acts as a thickener and ensures the even distribution of the color pigments in the nail polish. For this purpose Evonik offers its customers AEROSIL® 200. Customers who want not just color but also special effects for their nails can also count on Evonik’s silica portfolio. For example, the innovative silica SPHERILEX® 10 PC enables a matte finish, and ACEMATT TS® 100 creates a crackle effect, also known as a used look. With such a wide range of choices, users only need to decide on their current favorite.

Enhancing color cosmetics

A sense of lightness on the skin, more moisture, good coverage: Evonik is helping to ensure that decorative cosmetics feel good and look good. The products that create these effects include emulsifiers, which stabilize the makeup formulations. In addition to synthetic variants, Evonik also offers natural emulsifiers such as ISOLAN® GPS. This product can be used as a substitute for emulsifiers containing silicones. It tolerates a high pigment content and ensures that the pigment is evenly distributed throughout the product and thus also on the user’s skin. Evonik’s product palette also includes ingredients called emollients that make the skin especially supple. For example, the natural product TEGOSOFT® CR MB is an ideal ingredient of lipsticks. Because it melts at body temperature, it is easy to apply and has a velvety or silky feel. As a result, the wearer’s lips look well cared-for and evenly colored.