Tradition, Innovation and Global Activity

Activities at the Darmstadt site currently focus on marketing, research, development, applications technology, and steering of the global activities of the business units based here, in addition to production of ROHACELL┬«, parts of the DEGALAN┬« product series, dispersions, and bead polymers. 

Founded in 1909 with an original area of just 5,300 sq m, the site experienced explosive growth to the 160,000 sq m that it occupies today. A major influence on this development was the market launch in 1933 of PLEXIGLAS®, which continues today to be produced and distributed in a number of variants under this brand name.

The Darmstadt site has about 1,600 employees. These include nearly 200 young people receiving future-oriented professional training in business, science and technology, or working towards a BA degree, under the Bildungszentrum Rhein-Main (BRM) scheme.


Evonik Industries AG
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