Mobile, Alabama

North America


Mobile, Alabama, on the Gulf of Mexico, is home to Evonik's largest North American site.

The 700 or so employees here produce hydrogen peroxide, fumed silica, and the animal feed additive methionine, among other chemicals. In addition, we have extended to the U.S. our production of alkoxides, which are used as catalysts in biodiesel production: Alternative energy forms from renewable raw materials are also gaining increasing popularity in the region. Evonik's specialty catalyst for biodiesel production makes it the global market leader in the field.

In Mobile, Evonik produces Aerosil silicas, the animal feed additive methionine, and the polymethacrylimide-based rigid foam ROHACELL®, a material for lightweight construction in the aerospace and automotive industries. Also produced are alkoxides, which serve as catalysts in biodiesel production; silicon tetrachloride, used for silica production; cyanuric chloride, an intermediate for applications in agriculture and in the textile, paper, and plastics industries; and hydrogen peroxide, used as a bleaching agent for the pulp, paper and packaging market and also in waste water and waste gas treatment.

Other products include silane, used in the rubber industry to improve the material properties of rubber, and isophorone diamine and isophorone nitrile, used for automotive paints, adhesives, and various plastics.