Purchase to pay information USA and Canada

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All invoices must be submitted to the designated email address via PDF/TIF file. Any other documents or statements submitted to this email address will be deleted. All vendor inquires, including questions about invoice requirements, payment status for a past due invoice, and submissions of statement of accounts should be submitted to the designated email address. Please click here to find the correct email address.


a) Email requirements for invoice submission are: 

  • No password protection or encryption within the email attachment 

  • Supported file types include: PDF and TIF 

  • Invoices must only be sent once to the email address for invoice submission. No paper or digital invoice copy should be sent to any other recipient in Evonik. Do not CC the invoice to anyone

b) File content requirements for invoice submission are:

  • Only one invoice per PDF file. Multiple PDF files per email are ok

  • Invoices with more than one page should not be split into separate PDF documents

  • Any attachments with information relevant to the invoice need to be sent in the same PDF document. The invoice needs to be placed on the first page of the PDF document

c) Invoice quality requirements are: 

  • Requirements for all types of invoices, e.g. PO and non-PO invoices:

        1. Evonik "Bill to" company name must be stated on the invoice. Also the division name, if applicable, should be included

        2. Evonik "Bill to" and "Ship to" addresses must be stated correctly on the invoice 

        3. Invoice number must be stated on the invoice 

        4. Quantity of items, if applicable, must be stated on the invoice

        5. Line item description of goods or services, including Evonik material #, if applicable, must be stated on the invoice

        6. Invoice must state "INVOICE" on the top of the invoice document

        7. Tax, if applicable, must be stated on the invoice

        8. The gross, net and tax amounts must be stated on the invoice

        9. Content is typed and not handwritten on the invoice

     10. The currency is stated in ISO code (e.g. EUR, USD)

     11. Vendor remittance address for payment must be stated on the invoice

     12. Invoice is original or clearly marked as "COPY". Cannot be marked "Statement" or "Proforma"

     13. Ideally vendor bank account details (e.g. bank name, ABA or Routing # and bank account #) for the ACH payment should be stated on the invoice

     14. Ideally invoice should have a white background to guarantee a good contrast for our scanning software.

     15. Ideally no shading for header boxes on the invoice

  • Additional requirement for PO invoices (i.e. you were issued an Evonik PO): 

      16. The invoice indicates the valid PO number

      17. The invoice refers to only one PO 

      18. Line item number on the invoice must match the PO

      19. Unit of measures on the invoice must match the PO

      20. Unit price on the invoice must match the PO

      21. Payment terms on the invoice must match the PO

  • Additional requirement for Non-PO invoices (i.e. Evonik PO was not issued to you – exceptional cases only):

      22. The invoice must contain the Evonik contact name that authorized the purchase of goods or requested the Service

d) Please click here to see a sampe invoice.