Purchase to pay information USA and Canada

Payment method

Secure supply of all needed goods and services at the economically best possible conditions.

Evonik is pleased to offer electronic ACH (Automat Clearing House) payments to our US and Canada vendors.

ACH payments provide an alternative to paper checks, bringing the following advantages to you:

  • Better cash management forecasting, accelarated funds availability, and certainty of delivery
  • Reduced operating cost related to paper check handling and shipping
  • Higher reliability compared to checks as the risk of stolen/lost checks is eliminated
  • Helps the environment by reducing the use of paper and the need of transportation

Enrolling to our ACH payment program means that Evonik payments will be deposit in your bank, eliminating use of paper checks and mail delays.

In addition, a remittance/addendum will automatically be sent to you notifying about the actual invoices you are being paid each time a payment is issued by Evonik to you.

Evonik is planning to discontinue payments via check effective on 2021

It is important that you submit your form to complete your enrollment into ACH Payment as soon as possible in order to prevent potential delays on payments once Check Payments are discontinued.

Submit your complete filled form to: