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Specialties for industrial markets

The Business Line Interface & Performance offers oleochemical and silicone-based specialties to several industrial markets. Beyond chemical structures, our solutions focus on interface properties for a wide range of applications.

Our advanced additives and binders enable our customers to achieve unique properties or attractive price/performance ratios. Even small quantities of our products can significantly increase the efficiency of industrial manufacturing processes.



Specialty wetting agents, dispersants, emulsifiers and antifoams for use in tank-mix adjuvants and pesticide formulations.

Construction Chemicals

Construction Chemicals (en)

Masonry water repellents for dry-mix mortars and concrete, as well as antifoams and air entrainers for structure and building protection.

Industrial Applications

Industrial Applications (en)

Surface active products and chemical building blocks for formulation, for direct use and for chemical synthesis.

Metalworking Fluids

Metalworking Fluids (en)

Defoamers, emulsifiers and corrosion inhibitors for metalworking fluids, metal cleaners and diesel fuel.

Nano & Silicone Technology

Nano & Silicone Technology (en)

Innovative premium base materials and specialties for adhesives, sealants as well as silicone formulations, as well as high-tech additives using nanotechnology in the fields of coatings, adhesives, fiber composites and electronics.

Plastic Additives

Plastic Additives (en)

Specialty additives for masterbatches and compounds like antiscratch and dispersing additives, odor absorbers and antistats.

Polymer Dispersions

Polymer Dispersions (en)

Defoamers, wetting agents and thickeners for the production, processing and application of PVC, polymer dispersions and adhesives.

Silane-modified polymers (SMP)

Silane-modified polymers (SMP) (en)

Flexible binder technology for premium sealants and adhesives.

TEGO® RC Silicones

TEGO® RC Silicones (en)

Radiation curing silicones (free-radical and cationic) for release liners in the hygiene, label and tape industries.

Textile Auxiliaries

Textile Auxiliaries (en)

Specialty softeners for textile finishing, antifoams/defoamers, additives for spin finishes, emulsifiers and foaming agents for the textile industry.

Tissue Additives

Tissue Additives (en)

Specialty softener/debonders for tissue and fluff pulp, suitable for wet end, spray-on or converting applications, as well as defoamer boosters for pulp defoamers.