Experience & competencies

Performance Materials

Our future lies in the intelligent design of our chemicals business.

The Performance Materials segment comprises the Performance Intermediates and Functional Solutions business lines. With 1,600 employees, whose know-how forms the backbone of our chemicals business, we operate globally across eight production sites. In addition to our high-volume C4 products, we also offer intermediates and tailor-made solutions that enable our customers to set new trends in plastics, biofuels and agrochemicals.

By further increasing efficiency and effectiveness, we intend to secure and expand our competitive positions. We produce C4 chemicals in a large Verbund with leading technology and cost positions. We are among the technology leaders in additives for the plastics industry and other intermediates. We further secure our market and competitive positions through continuous optimization, while remaining focused on our sustainability.

This includes not only quality and reliability in chemistry, but also increasingly new and intelligent business ideas along the value chain, and customer-specific offerings.

Our close cooperation with our customers leads to a comprehensive understanding of the business and the requirements of our customers. This makes us a preferred provider. We strive for long-term cooperation and can thus successfully support our customers in creating value in their market.