Performance Materials

Products, Markets, Applications

The heart of the Performance Materials segment is the production of polymer materials and intermediates, mainly for the rubber, plastic and agriculture industries. Progressive globalization offers market opportunities for this segment, driven by mobility and increasing urbanization, which are raising global demand for efficient transportation systems and sustainable construction methods.

Aerosol Propellants (en, de)

Propellants are used as components in aerosol cans or as foaming agents for foams and foods.

Alkoxides (en, de)

Alkoxides from Evonik are the icing on the cake in many applications.

Biodiesel (en, de, pt)

Of the alternative sources of energy that are being debated, one is long established: biodiesel.

Butadienes (en, de)

Butadienes belong to the alkene group and are chemical compounds of the hydrocarbon group.

Butene-1 (en, de)

Butene-1 is a colourless, combustible gas with a characteristic odour. It is easily condensable under pressure.

Cyanuric Chloride (en)

A multifunctional intermediate for herbicides, reactive dyes, optical brighteners and many other specialties.

Extraction (en, pt)

CO2 - 1st choice for aroma extraction, defatting, pesticide removal, phytoextraction, and sterilization.

Isobutene (en, de)

Isobutene is the branched C4-Olefin - a molecule with outstanding characteristics.

MTBE (en, de)

MTBE improves engine performance and, at the same time, reduces emissions of gasoline engines.

Oxo-Products (en, de)

Oxo alcohols are the most important raw material component used in the manufacture of large-volume plasticizers.

Performance Intermediates (en, de)

As an essential part of Evonik Performance Materials GmbH, we the Business Line Performance Intermediates (PI) are a major producer of C4-based materials for the rubber, plastics and specialty chemicals markets.

Potassium Derivatives (en, de)

The main applications for Chlor Alkali Chemicals are the production of glass, ceramics, agro-chemicals, aging inhibitors and pharmaceuticals.

SiYPro™ (en)

SiYPro™ Performance Additives: Simplify Your Process with our antifoulants for monomer production.

TAC|TAICROS® Crosslinkers (en, ru, zh)

TAC/TAICROS® products are used especially successfully in the plastics, rubber and photovoltaic industry.

TMT 15® (en, de)

TMT 15® stands for Environmentally friendly separation of heavy metals from waste water.