Resource Efficiency

Business Lines

Entire industries are looking for ways to reinvent themselves and to achieve greater resource efficiency. The Resource Efficiency Segment has the answer.

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Active Oxygens

Evonik is one of the leading providers for hydrogen peroxide, operating production sites across every continent. We are the innovative leader in high quality products, technologies and services, offering more than a century of worldwide experience.


The no. 1 value generator in the chemical industry. We have the expertise to unleash the power of catalysis. Accelerating your Chemistry© – we can help you to develop new processes with tailor made catalysts from Evonik to reduce energy and resource consumption.

Coating Additives

The Coating Additives Business Line supplies its customers with 
optimal solutions in the paints, coatings and printing ink sectors and supports them with the production of resource-efficient coatings. 
The Business Line bundles a diverse product portfolio for the coatings industry, like additives, co-binders, matting agents, fumed silica, specialty resins and nanoresins. 

Coating & Adhesive Resins

As a solution provider, the Coating & Adhesive Resins Business Line offers a multitude of designed polymers for various applications in the coating and adhesives industry.


Evonik offers a broad range of products and competences for coatings and adhesives, as well as for high-performance elastomers and composites. The Crosslinkers Business Line is the only producer in the world who manufactures all the refining stages for isophorone and that with production units in Europe, North America and in Asia, thus ensuring best proximity to markets and customers

High Performance Polymers

Understanding challenges is a prerequisite for finding appropriate solutions. Consequently, the Business Line places special emphasis on close cooperation with its customers to jointly develop custom-tailored system solutions with its high-performance polymers and downstream products such as compounds, fibers, foams, powders, membranes a.o.

Oil Additives

Oil additives products are designed for automotive and industrial lubricants, hydraulic fluids, fuels and refinery processing. Evonik’s extensive knowledge and experience comes from collaborative partnerships with formulators, OEMs and end users worldwide, delivering solutions that enable improved fuel efficiency, higher productivity and reduced carbon emissions.


Silanes are a key resource for different industries. They are crucial for the production of semiconductors and optical fibers. As high performance additives they modify the surface properties of inorganic particles, polymers, and resins. In the combination with silica rubber silanes have revolutionized the manufacturing of energy saving passenger car tires.


Particle design is the technical core competence of the Silica Business Line. With this know-how the experts help to improve their customers’ products in many, widely diverse industries – from the inside out. For that they have the right and deep understanding of the needs of their customers and the related markets. For sure, they can claim: Inside, to get it right.

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