LULA1000 featured on BBC

Lula 1000


The submersible LULA1000, which is sponsored by Evonik, plays a prominent role in a documentary broadcast by BBC2. The three-part documentary is entitled "Atlantic - The Wildest Ocean on Earth". Its "Mountains of the Deep" episode focuses on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge that runs between the European, American and African continental plates.

LULA1000 operates from the Azores, which form a part of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge. The BBC documentary features the work of the German couple, Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen, the primary drivers of the Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation's work. The broadcast includes views of LULA1000, together with the Evonik logos it bears. This is unusual, as BBC documentaries generally do not make reference to company logos. However, the Jakobsens were able to convince the on-site BBC team that the viewing dome plays a fundamental role in the filming for their research work, and the documentary narrator even makes specific reference to it in the finished version. Without the optically perfect viewing dome made of PLEXIGLAS®, it would be impossible to make high-resolution videos of this quality in depths of up to 1,000 meters.

Although the documentary can be accessed in the BBC2 online media library, only viewers in Great Britain can see the broadcasts at the moment for legal reasons. The German WDR channel is currently preparing the documentary for the public ARD television channel, which plans to broadcast it in Germany in 2016. TV channels in the U.S. and Austria have already bought broadcasting rights as well. 

BBC2: "Atlantic - The Wildest Ocean on Earth" (available to play in the UK only)