Press release
Personal Care
April 13, 2007

Conditioner for Efficient Hair Fiber UV Protection

ABIL® UV Quat 50

Degussa’s business line Goldschmidt Personal Care introduces a new conditioning agent for the protection of the hair fiber against UV damage. It can be used in rinse-off applications such as shampoos, rinses and balms as well as in leave-in-applications to provide a highly efficient protection against keratin denaturation in combination with a pleasant dry feel of the hair.

As ABIL® UV Quat 50 is a cationic conditioner, it is substantive to the hair keratin, forming a thin protective layer which absorbs damaging UV irradiation. This effect is proven for both, the integrity of the fiber structure itself and the color of the hair. Therefore, the conditioner is also excellently applicable for the post treatment of colored hair.

ABIL® UV Quat 50 is based on a silicon copolymer with cationic groups (INCI (proposed): Polysilicone-19). It is compatible with anionic surfactants and can be combined with other cationic conditioning agents.


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