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Cosmetic protection against cold

First outside into the cold and then inside into the warm heating air – our skin is particularly stressed in frosty temperatures. It can dry out, become tight or itch. Cosmetics help: Evonik develops skin-identical ingredients that help strengthen the skin's protective shield and retain its moisture.

When the icy wind blows around our noses outside, the cold has a strong effect on the facial skin. Blood flow is disturbed, sebaceous glands reduce their activity and moisture balance decreases. If we flee into the cozy warmth, dry heating air additionally draws moisture from the skin. The result: The skin barrier and thus the protective function is weakened; the skin begins to dry out, become tight and irritated.

An intact skin barrier as a protective shield

How can we imagine this barrier? Our skin forms a protective cover for the body. On the one hand it repels foreign substances and on the other hand it avoids the loss of too much moisture. The top layer of skin resembles the structure of a brick wall: Cells of the horny layer (dead skin cells) are the bricks of the wall and form a protective barrier. The cells are held together by layers of lipids (fats), which consist mainly of ceramides. Like the cement of a brick wall, they not only hold the structure together, but also prevent foreign substances from entering and moisture from escaping.

Accordingly, good facial care on cold days should protect and strengthen the skin barrier. Skin-identical ingredients can help by rebuilding parts of the barrier. Since ceramides are the main component of this protective shield, in the cosmetics industry they are regarded as the key to healthy skin.
For this reason, Evonik has been developing skin-identical ceramides and ceramide systems for years. "We have more than 25 years of experience in the development as well as production of ceramides and offer a broad portfolio for various skin needs," explains Ricardo Luiz Willemann, Vice-President Active Ingredients at Evonik. With the essential building blocks of the skin barrier, dry and irritated skin should become healthy and beautiful again.

The key to healthy skin: ceramides and hyaluronic acid

For example, the active ingredient SK-INFLUX® from Evonik helps to protect the skin from drying out and from irritation: The mixture of different types of ceramides and other skin-identical fats maintains the composition of lipids in the skin barrier. This makes it easier to ward off harmful foreign substances and preserve the skin's moisture. Numerous studies prove the noticeable protection of the skin barrier. Thus, although our face gets cold in frosty temperatures, the skin's strengthened protective function wards off other effects and prevents dry as well as sensitive skin.

One of Evonik's newest ceramide products, Bodyflux® Olive, has also been convincing in studies. This is a ceramide complex based on organic olive oil. It not only strengthens the skin barrier, but also moisturizes the skin. Since a weakened protective function due to cold weather leads more quickly to dry and irritated skin, a balanced moisture level is particularly important.

Therefore, in addition to building up and protecting the skin barrier, skin moisture should not be ignored in facial care. Hyaluronic acid is considered the number one moisturizer. It is formed in the body and works like a water reservoir. To prevent the skin from drying out on frosty days, Evonik offers the skin-identical hyaluronic acid HyaCare®: It moisturizes the skin particularly strong and thus improves its resilience and elasticity. Goodbye dry skin in the cold season!

With an extra portion of moisture and an additionally strengthened skin barrier thanks to Evonik active ingredients, the skin glows through cold days – all the way into next summer.