Press release
October 24, 2016

Economic lighting with PLEXIGLAS® and LEDs

• Unbroken trend toward efficient lighting technology
• PLEXIGLAS® luminaire covers ensure LED light is directed where it is needed
• Evonik offers special PLEXIGLAS® products for LED applications in various market segments

In large production halls, offices, and showrooms—companies can reduce costs with efficient lighting. This explains why companies in industry, trade, and commerce are increasingly switching their conventional systems to contemporary LED lighting.

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) emit more light yet consume less energy and last longer than alternatives like incandescent bulbs. But to reach their full potential, they need lenses and covers adapted especially to their size and spectrum. Evonik’s Performance Materials Segment offers PLEXIGLAS® specifically for these applications. PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are suitable for a variety of purposes, as they can be made into crystal-clear covers with light-guiding structures, or into diffuse, light-scattering covers. PLEXIGLAS® directs the light where it is needed. The material is also easy to process and retains its good optical properties for many years.

An investment that pays off

Switching to energy-efficient lighting is especially worthwhile where large areas have to be lit continuously, such as in supermarkets. The light has to be ideal for as long as the business is open—often a long time—and it also has to create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the entire store. As a result, in addition to cooling and heating, lighting is one of the main energy consumers in supermarkets.

Currently, two large supermarket chains, Spar (Austria) and most Lidl stores, are changing their conventional lighting to a new generation of LED lamps from Zumtobel.

The TECTON continuous-row-luminaire system, which comprises a combination of LEDs with special lenses and covers made from PLEXIGLAS®, provides pleasant, energy-efficient lighting that additionally protects food, thanks to the IR- and UV-free light of the LEDs. The good thermal management of PLEXIGLAS® ensures that the LEDs last a long time, which considerably reduces maintenance costs. As a result, the investment pays for itself within a short time.

Original PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds for a variety of applications

In offices, a workplace illumination conformable to law must be ensured throughout the working day. Panel lights have been used for some time as efficient ceiling lighting. These very flat luminaires—just a few millimeters thick—are installed directly in the grid ceiling. LED light is fed into the edges of light guide panels made from optically pure PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds, and the structures of these panels help distribute the light evenly across the whole area to provide extremely efficient lighting. Its space-saving design is making this concept increasingly popular in other markets as well, such as interior lighting in automobiles.

Street lighting also consumes a great deal of power worldwide, which explains why many towns and cities are switching from fluorescent lamps to LED lighting. Depending on the design and area in which the street lights are used, such as busy roads or residential areas, optical lenses and structured PLEXIGLAS® covers ensure targeted, homogeneous, dazzle-free lighting of the ground below, thus avoiding light pollution. The excellent UV and weathering resistance of PLEXIGLAS® makes this material ideal for outdoor lighting in combination with low-maintenance, long-lasting LED lamps.

In illuminated advertising, by contrast, which is often lit 24x7, light covers have to fulfill additional requirements, because large areas are now increasingly backlit with LEDs. Failure to adequately scatter the light produces unwanted bright areas that stand out from the darker areas—these are known as hotspots. One special formulation of the PLEXIGLAS® LED molding compounds is particularly suitable for such applications, as it avoids fluctuations in light density, even in thin-walled parts.

Great freedom of design

But PLEXIGLAS® molding compounds are not only suitable for efficient lighting—they also open up enormous possibilities in terms of design. For example, they can be processed with all conventional injection molding and extrusion methods, and the color can easily be modified as well. Original PLEXIGLAS® light covers meet the toughest demands for design and energy efficiency.

Evonik is a worldwide manufacturer of PMMA products sold under the PLEXIGLAS® trademark on the European, Asian, African and Australian continents and under the ACRYLITE® trademark in the Americas.

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