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Personal Care
May 17, 2011

Evonik at FCE Cosmetique

Personal care that appeals to all the senses

From May 24 to 26, 2011, the Business Line Personal Care of Evonik will showcase the newest additions to its unique and comprehensive portfolio of innovative personal care products at this year’s FCE Cosmetique in Sao Paulo, Brazil, boost 116.

Evonik is committed to putting its sense of corporate responsibility into action, and for that reason it has extended its line of biotechnologically-derived esters to include TEGOSOFT® AC. This all-natural emollient based on renewable feedstocks combines a light and luxurious skin feel with Evonik’s innovative, low-energy enzymatic technology, making it as gentle to the environment as it is to the skin.

In order to help meet the need of formulators to find PEG-free thickeners, Evonik is launching ANTIL® SPA 80. This highly-efficient and easy-to-process material provides a stable viscosity across a broad range of temperatures, while boosting sensory, conditioning and foam properties. REWOPOL® SB C 55, a new preservative and sulfate-free sulfosuccinate, is ideal for use in mild rinse-off applications, such as baby and facial care products. The highly-concentrated material provides superior foaming and requires lower levels of thickeners compared to many other surfactants.

Evonik is also launching cutting-edge emulsifiers and emollients to assist their customers in maximizing the efficiency and effectiveness of their formulations. ABIL® EM 180, the newest and most robust W/O emulsifier, provides formulators with the ability to stabilize even the most difficult of systems, and is flexible with a wide range of active ingredients, UV filters and electrolytes. Its high molecular weight creates increased temperature stability and its low use level gives customers an excellent cost-performance ratio. Meanwhile, TEGOSOFT® XC takes sun care products to the next level, by providing superior solubility of UV filters, allowing for an SPF-boosting effect.

Evonik will also be promoting the benefits of TEGO® Pep 4-Even, a new tetrapeptide to balance skin tone. This patented material diminishes hyperchromatic spots, improves the evenness of skin tone, brightens skin, and reduces the appearance of acne lesions and melasma on ethnic skin.

Finally, the granulated viscosity adjuster, TEGO® Carbomer 141 G, offers the same performance as similar powdered materials, while providing superior handling in production.

Experts from Evonik will be available at Stand 116 to offer advice and discuss Evonik’s comprehensive portfolio of cosmetic ingredient solutions. Additionally, there will be a presentation about “The development of new emollients - evaluation and application of emollient characteristics” by Peter Becker on May 25th beginning at 2.30 pm.

Contact: Geraldine Strutz, Associate Marketing Manager Personal Care
Phone +49 201 173 25 25, E-Mail:

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