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CYROLITE Compounds
February 8, 2011

Evonik Cyro Introduces Acrylic-Based Multipolymer Compound For Antimicrobial Medical Device Designs

See Us at MD&M West – Booth 620

  • CYROLITE® Protect Specifically Developed for FDA Regulated Class I or Class II Medical Devices Covered by 510(k) PMN Submission

Anaheim, CA – February 8, 2011 - Evonik Cyro, LLC (booth #620) introduces CYROLITE® Protect, an acrylic-based multipolymer compound that has been specifically developed for medical devices that include antimicrobial agents, at MD&M West at the Anaheim Convention Center, February 8-10. Expressly designed for FDA regulated Class I or Class II medical devices covered by 510(k) PMN submission, CYROLITE® Protect is particularly well suited for Luer connectors, spikes, Y-sites, check valves and filter housings.

CYROLITE® Protect acrylic-based multipolymer compound provides antimicrobial capabilities* against a variety of microorganisms commonly found in healthcare facilities. It is the latest addition to the family of CYROLITE® acrylic-based multipolymer compounds, the world’s most advanced medical acrylics. Offering a superior balance of properties, CYROLITE® compounds empower designers to create better-than-ever medical devices.

“With the introduction of CYROLITE® Protect, Evonik Cyro is leading the way in transparent antimicrobial products. Through extensive test methods, we have been able to develop a compound that addresses a growing concern in the medical industry,” said Peter Allread, General Manager, Performance Polymers/Molding Compounds. “In recent years there has been interest in adding antimicrobial agents to medical devices to help reduce or prevent device-related infection. CYROLITE® Protect has been specifically developed to address this issue.”

CYROLITE® Protect is a tough acrylic-based multipolymer compound that has other design advantages. It has excellent mechanical, thermal, and optical properties that meet various ASTM Standards.

The CYROLITE® Protect compound is available in a transparent green tint in pellet form and is easy to process, making it ideal for processing with either traditional injection molding or extrusion lines with 3-zone general purpose screws.

Another benefit of the CYROLITE® Protect compound is its chemical resistant properties as well as resistance to plasticizers found in flexible PVC tubing. It is also free of bisphenol A (BPA). CYROLITE® Protect can be sterilized with gamma, e-beam and EtO technologies.

In addition to CYROLITE® Protect, Evonik Cyro is exhibiting a full range of CYROLITE® and ACRYLITE® advanced acrylic polymers for medical devices/diagnostics, as well as VESTAMID® polyamide elastomer compounds for catheters/tubing, TROGAMID® CX for infusion/transfusion components, and biomedical VESTAKEEP® PEEK granules and powders for short and long-term contact implantation devices.


* As tested by the JIS Z 2801 protocol. 

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