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Personal Care
December 3, 2007

Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH extends its portfolio of active ingredients with high quality standardized plant extracts for both skin and hair care

To anticipate the natural trend while being committed to efficacy, Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH extends its current technology platform of active ingredients with a third pillar. Besides its chemistry and biotechnology platforms offering well known actives such as Creatine (TEGO® Cosmo C100), skin-identical Ceramides (Sk-influx, Skinmimics®) and Hyaluronic acid (HyaCare®), the new plant extracts platform will allow the company to offer novel nature-derived active ingredients to reinforce its position as a preferred partner for the development of innovative products and applications.

Evonik Goldschmidt GmbH took the opportunity at the SCS Formulate exhibition in the UK (November 27 & 28th, 2007) to introduce its first four new plant extracts: TEGO® Galanga, TEGO® Policosanol, TEGO® Arjuna and TEGO® Turmerone.

TEGO® Galanga is a natural extract obtained from the roots of Kaempferia galanga. TEGO® Galanga is a natural source of ethyl p-methoxycinnamate with a minimum content of 98%. It provides excellent UV absorption and similar benefits in formulation as OMC. It is an ideal ingredient for the protection of hair fibres and hair colour fading against UV radiation.

TEGO® Policosanol is a natural mixture of higher aliphatic alcohols extracted from sugar cane wax. TEGO® Policosanol is recommended for oily skin. It provides sebum control benefits and inhibits the growth of microorganisms. TEGO® Policosanol contains at least 70% of very long chain fatty alcohols, with 1-octacosanol (C28) as the main component.

TEGO® Arjuna is a standardized extract from the heartwood of the Terminalia Arjuna tree. TEGO® Arjuna is ideal for anti-ageing formulations. It decreases the depth and the number of deep wrinkles, moisturizes the skin, reinforces its barrier function and decreases its scaliness. TEGO® Arjuna contains at least 90% of triterpenes of which a minimum of 65% is arjunolic acid.

TEGO® Turmerone is the distilled fraction of turmeric oil extracted from the root of Curcuma longa by an environmentally friendly process (supercritical carbon dioxide). TEGO® Turmerone is ideal for the improvement of skin radiance and evenness of skin tone. TEGO® Turmerone has significant anti-oxidant activity and induces endogenous cellular defense mechanisms against oxidative stress. It contains at least 65% of Turmerones.

Company information

Evonik Industries is the creative industrial group which operates in three highly profitable, promising business areas: Chemicals, Energy and Real Estate. Evonik is a global leader in specialty chemicals, an expert in power generation from hard coal and renewable energies, and one of the largest private residential real estate companies in Germany. Our strengths are creativity, specialization, continuous self-renewal, and reliability.
Evonik is active in over 100 countries around the world. In fiscal 2006 around 43,000 employees generated sales of €14.8 billion and operating profit (EBIT) of over €1.2 billion. Evonik plans to enter the capital markets in the first half of 2008.


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