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in-cosmetics 2017

Evonik's biggest appearance

Evonik’s appearance at in-cosmetics 2017 in London is set to be its biggest ever with an extended product portfolio, new technologies, and innovative service tools.

Visitors can experience the exhibits up close at, not one, but two stands and Evonik’s products will also be showcased at the Formulation Lab, Sensory Bar, and in the Innovation Zone.

The Personal Care Business Line alone has three new product innovations to present - as well as employees involved from two companies acquired by Evonik in recent months: the cosmetics specialists from Air Products and from Alkion. The Active Ingredients unit will appear separately at its own stand, N70, and innovations from the usual Personal Care product portfolio will be exhibited at stand NN30.

“We want to present our new, wide-ranging portfolio of active ingredients to our customers in detail. Evonik’s active ingredients experts, including former employees of Air Products and Alkion, will therefore be on hand for discussions. There’s no better or quicker way to network our active ingredients expertise to the advantage of customers,” says Tammo Boinowitz, head of the Personal Care Business Line.

With the tetrapeptide TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort, Evonik has developed an active ingredient for the care of sensitive skin. The product helps to reduce skin irritations such as redness and itching - caused by stimuli such as heat, sunlight or shaving. The “Innovation Zone” will allow visitors to experience just how well this works. Evonik will be using its “Soothing After Shave Balm” as an example application to demonstrate skin care products for stressed skin. ANTIL® 500 Pellets is a novel hydrophilic rheology modifier with a superior thickening performance in aqueous surfactant systems. In addition, Evonik will be presenting the Sensory Kaleidoscope 2.0, a further development of its innovative interactive tool, which helps to achieve the desired skin feel. Using this tool, the effect of numerous cosmetic formulations can be mapped based on their sensory properties. Now, even more emulsifiers and formulations have been integrated into the online tool. For visitors to the trade show, the sensory positioning of various formulation samples can be mapped in the tool for different emulsifiers and, at the same time, visitors can experience how they will feel on the skin. Innovative textures for a vivid experience add a fun element to the daily beauty routine. At Stand NN30 and at the Sensory Bar, Evonik will be demonstrating its creativity in developing market-driven formulations, such as the “Caring Oil Release Cream” or “Magic Cream To Milk”, for example.

Evonik will be offering more detailed information on new products as part of two innovation seminars: Dr. Annika Schrader from the Personal Care Business Line will present TEGO® Pep 4-Comfort and Dr. Jörg Münzenberg from Evonik’s Business Line Silica will talk about AEROSIL® R816.

The Silica Business Line will be at the tradeshow presenting this additive, which, thanks to its unique surface modifications, can be used for stabilizing Pickering emulsions. AEROSIL® R 816 gives formulators the ability to convert a broad array of highly varied emollients to PEG- and silicone-free emulsions. The innovative new additive also provides an easy means of monitoring emulsion rheology.

The Silanes Business Line will present its customized Dynasylan® products which offer valuable effects even in homeopathic amounts in cosmetic formulations. Surface treatment of inorganic fillers and pigments can render their surface either hydrophobic, oleophobic or hydrophilic, making them compatible either with water or oily phase, respectively resins.

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