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October 12, 2009

Fakuma: PLEXIGLAS® CoolTouch®: Black Outside, Cool Inside

  • Heat buildup of dark plastics surfaces reduced by over 20 % by heat-reflective PLEXIGLAS® specialty molding compound
  • Reduced energy consumption for air conditioning, resulting in lower CO2 emissions

Darmstadt.- The product innovation by Evonik is a black, non-transparent, heat-reflective specialty molding compound for automotive exterior applications. This is based on the following principle: owing to its special formulation, PLEXIGLAS® CoolTouch® reflects part of the sun's infrared radiation. Components made with the Evonik material therefore reduce heat buildup by as much as 22 percent.

The CoolTouch® effect is noticeable when used in cars roofs with the air conditioning switched on. In the summer months, the air conditioning is often turned on "full blast" due to sunlight, pushing up petrol consumption and CO2 emissions.

In a dark-colored car exposed to direct sunlight all day, the interior can heat up to as much as 70 degrees Celsius. People and materials suffer from this in equal measure. But does this mean we should do without dark cars, just when cars in various shades of black are becoming increasingly popular among buyers? Certainly not, at least not if PLEXIGLAS® CoolTouch® is used. In addition to its heat-reflective properties, the plastic material also shows better insulation than metal, leading to reduced heat conduction into the car interior.

Owing to the reduced heat buildup in a CoolTouch® roof, the air conditioning is able to cool the interior to a pleasant temperature of 20-25 degrees Celsius much faster, and requires less energy due to the lower initial temperature. That saves fuel and cuts CO2 emissions.

Coextruded material composites are normally used for car roof applications. The multi-layer film structure consists of a polymer substrate with one or two cover layers of PLEXIGLAS®: the color layer of CoolTouch® and a transparent cover layer to achieve a better deep-view effect. This film is then injection-backmolded or foam-backed with another polymer to permanently stabilize the final roof shape.

The specific properties of this specialty molding compound from Evonik are rounded off by the high UV and weather resistance and colorfastness that are typical of PLEXIGLAS®. The trademark PMMA from Evonik therefore guarantees the long service life of the components, leading to a long-term saving in costs and a sustainable use of resources.

With PLEXIGLAS® CoolTouch®, car manufacturers and users can keep a cool head, save costs and protect the climate at the same time.

About Evonik

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