ULTRASIL® 4000 GR for winter tires.
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Evonik's silica experts have developed the first highly dispersed silica (HD silica) with a low surface area for the tire industry. It offers the industry many advantages-including for winter tires.

Our experts have developed a new unique combination: ULTRASIL® 4000 GR is a low surface area silica with high dispersibility. These properties enable very high filling levels in the tire tread. The silica can be easily incorporated into the rubber compound. In addition, it is possible to produce compact rubber compounds with good skins even after short mixing processes.

Tire manufacturers can use ULTRASIL® 4000 GR to produce winter tires with significantly better traction on ice and snow than with conventional silica. The new filler not only improves driving characteristics and safety, but also contributes to sustainability: When used in the tread of green tires, the product helps reduce rolling resistance. This in turn reduces fuel consumption.

Thanks to ULTRASIL® 4000 GR, manufacturers also benefit from significantly easier processing of the low-surface HD silica when working with higher filler contents. Likewise, the excellent product properties are advantageous in tire sidewalls and non-tire applications, such as technical elastomer products or shoe soles.


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