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Fresh food for the Game of Games

Chicken wings, chips, cashews etc. food and snacks are indispensable elements of a successful football day. Food packaging made of flexible materials or coated metals protects food from environmental influences and keeps it fresh.

The Big Game in American football is one of the world’s largest sporting events, with 800 million spectators around the globe. This popular event, now in its 55th year, is not just the Game of Games but also, according to Forbes, the day of the year on which Americans consume the most, Thanksgiving excepted. On this evening, spectators eat millions of pizzas, chicken wings, hamburgers, and hot dogs, to say nothing of innumerable quantities of snacks and sweets.

If food and snacks are to stay fresh for as long as possible, their packaging must protect against environmental influences – manufacturers rely on flexible materials and pre-coated metals for this. With DYNAPOL® polyesters used as binders in coatings, Evonik supplies an important raw material for safe food packaging.

About 200 years ago, metal cans revolutionized our way of keeping food. Being a recyclable alternative to plastic packaging, the metal can market is growing fast. Thanks to polyester-based coatings, these containers combine superior protection properties like hardness and scratch resistance with high flexibility. In the case of high-quality cans, these coatings contain DYNAPOL® binders for optimal protection as well as high elasticity. In order to prevent flaws such as dents and scratches, several layers of coatings are applied to the cans’ outer surfaces. Incidentally, these polyester resins also play an important role inside the can. Many canned foods contain substances such as vinegar or lactic acid, which can attack the can’s interior coating. In the worst case, metals and food are mixed. DYNAPOL® forms a protective separating layer and prevents rust, for example, from entering the food. This guarantees food safety.

It is not just canned food that can be better protected, but also snacks in bags, such as chips. DYNAPOL® is also used as raw material in foil coatings, heat-seal lacquers and interlayers for flexible packaging. As an additive, it can improve properties like hardness, flexibility, printability as well as adhesion. In addition, the packaging is free of taste as well as smell and during processing it is resistant to yellowing.

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