Going forward together

Evonik intends to drive changes forward rapidly. In order to do that, we need employees who form networks and think in terms of the future. One way to promote this corporate culture is a competition in which every employee can contribute his or her ideas on how to further develop the Group: the Evonik Spirit Initiative.

Speed and Openness are two of Evonik’s corporate values. Together with Performance and Trust, they form the foundation of the Group’s corporate culture. In the Evonik Spirit Initiative 2019 competition, all of the Group’s employees worldwide were invited to submit their ideas about these two corporate values. The response was overwhelming: Within four weeks, more than 13,000 employees had participated in this Group-wide brainstorming session. More than 300 ideas in all were submitted.

After an in-house vote, four Speed-Up Conferences were held in Europe, the Americas, and Asia, with an Executive Board member attending each one. Through this process the top 20 ideas were selected. These ideas are either now being refined or have already been implemented.

They represent a wide spectrum, ranging from a simplified purchasing process for low-value products to a Group ridesharing app and a digital “learning hour” organized by employees.

The Evonik Spirit Initiative has shown that working within networks promotes creativity and the generation of substantial content within a short period of time.

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