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Good bacteria

Millions of tiny organisms live on our skin and support its natural defenses. Consumers are therefore interested in using microbiotic products to promote good bacteria on their skin. Evonik’s answer: Skinolance®.

Everyone has heard of probiotic yogurts. But what about probiotic cosmetics? Scientific studies have proven that the good bacteria on human skin play a significant role in ensuring healthy skin flora, but so far there have been no strategies for making use of this natural process. As a specialist in effective care and cleansing for skin and hair, Evonik’s Personal Care Business Line has now launched a product that promotes the skin’s natural barrier function.

Prof. Christine Lang, a microbiologist who works at TU Berlin, explains why bacteria are good for the skin.

Skinolance® is the first microbiotic product from Evonik for skin care. The cell-free Lactobacillus extract promotes the natural skin flora balance by stimulating the growth of specific, desired bacteria. This has a positive influence on the skin’s barrier function and helps combat roughness and dryness. The effects on skin flora and skin structure have been proven in a clinical study.

“Human beings depend on microorganisms, whether for digesting food or protecting the skin. And just like probiotic yogurt in the digestive system, microbiotic cosmetic ingredients have a positive influence on the skin’s microflora,” explains Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, head of the Personal Care Business Line. Evonik has set up the new “Care Biotics” technology platform as a basis for developing further microbiotic products.

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