Care Solutions

Horror – but not while cleaning

Green witch faces, nasty horror clowns with red noses or Mexican death masks – Halloween often includes elaborate make-up for the party people.

However, the horror should only last as long as desired. Thanks to raw materials and formulations from Evonik, the scary masks can be removed gently, so that even sensitive frights don't have to fear face lotion and washing emulsion.

Elaborate make-up is what makes a Halloween costume perfect. But the paler the vampire or bloodier the zombie, the more make-up has to be removed in the evening, completely and as gently as possible on the skin. Because if stressed skin has to fight overnight with residues of powder, rouge & Co., the pores clog. Unsightly blackheads and spots are the result.

Evonik's Care Solutions Business Line offers a range of cosmetic ingredients to clean, protect, and care for stressed skin. One example is the raw materials for micellar waters. They are particularly recommended for mild cleansing around the eye area. These facial waters contain combinations of small surfactant molecules that have both water-loving and fat-loving ends. If you apply the micellar water to a cotton pad and use it to cleanse your face, the water-loving end sticks to the cotton pad, while the fat-loving end removes make-up residues and impurities from the skin.

In addition to these products, the broad product portfolio at Care Solutions consists amongst others of emulsifiers, secondary surfactants, conditioning agents, thickeners and numerous active ingredients. In formulations for washing emulsions, creams, and shower gels, for example, they contribute significantly to their consistency, effect, and sensory properties. And they do so for much longer than just Halloween.