Annual Shareholders' Meeting

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The Annual Shareholders' Meeting 2018 of Evonik Industries AG will take place on May 23, 2018, at the Grugahalle in Essen (Germany).

The Grugahalle will be open from 8.30 a.m. on May 23, 2018. We recommend arriving early at the Grugahalle to avoid any waiting in the entrance area.


The Annual Shareholders' Meeting is a meeting for the shareholders of a stock corporation at which they are entitled to exercise certain shareholder rights, especially the right to put questions and cast votes. Every shareholder may attend the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting in person or send a representative. Attending the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting is conditional on the shareholder's registration in the share register and filing an application to attend the meeting in time. The deadline for filing the application to attend is 12.00 midnight (Central European Summer Time – CEST) on May 16, 2018 (receipt by the Company). 


Shareholders who are registered in the share register in a timely manner receive the invitation to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting with the invitation brochure including the agenda. Together with the invitation an application form is made accessible that shareholders can use to order or print out an entrance ticket directly themselves via the Online-Service and/or authorize a proxy and issue voting instructions. Shareholders that are not registered for email dissemination of the invitation to the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting find the access data for the Online-Service, within the scope of which the application to attend and/or authorization as proxy and issuing of instructions are available, if certain criteria are met in their invitation. All other shareholders use the access password chosen by themselves and their shareholder number as also specified in the email invitation. On publishing the call of the Annual Shareholders' Meeting in the Federal Gazette (Bundesanzeiger) on April 10, 2018, the invitation brochure and further documents are available in the internet.


Every shareholder (or shareholder's representative) who filed an application to attend the meeting timely receives a ticket for the local transportation system (Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr – VRR) with the entrance ticket. The VRR ticket is valid for travel to and from the Annual Shareholders' Meeting on May 23, 2018 with public transportation (in the second class) in the tariff zone D of VRR transportation area. 


There are parking spaces close to the Grugahalle but advance reservation is not possible: At the parking lot (P1), directly opposite to the Grugahalle, a separate contingent of special designated parking spaces for disabled people is available. There is a further parking lot (P2) about ten minutes walk away. The parking spaces are accessed via a barrier system. Upon entry, each shareholder will receive an exit ticket free of charge. Shareholders find a sketch map showing the parking lots on the Evonik Industries AG's website ( 


Yes, there is a barrier-free access to the Grugahalle. 


Appointing an authorized representative (proxy) is possible. Shareholders may, for example, appoint a proxy before the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting when ordering the entrance ticket. The entrance ticket is then sent directly to the proxy. Alternatively, it is inter alia also possible to authorize the voting proxies designated by the Company that must be given explicit voting instructions.

In addition, shareholders may also appoint a bank or shareholders' association or an equivalent person/association as defined in the provisions of the German Stock Corporation Act (Aktiengesetz) (Section 135 Paragraph 8 or Section 135 Paragraph 10 in conjunction with Section 125 Paragraph 5 German Stock Corporation Act) as proxy and issue voting instructions. However, shareholders are recommended to make sure first that the chosen proxy is prepared to act as proxy.

An appointment as proxy may in principle be granted in text form for example via the application form or the online service.

If shareholders leave the Annual Shareholders' Meeting before it has concluded, they may appoint another shareholder/shareholder's representative or the proxies designated by the Company on-site to exercise their voting rights.


All shareholders registered in the share register of Evonik Industries AG are invited to the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. The first dissemination of invitations will be organized after the Annual Shareholders' Meeting is convened. A second dissemination of invitations will be organized two weeks before the Annual Shareholders' Meeting to all shareholders who have been registered in the share register after the first dissemination.

Shareholders who are entered in the share register after this deadline will not receive a written invitation. However, they may register to attend the Annual Shareholders' Meeting by submitting their shareholder number, name, address and date of birth by the end of the deadline for filing an application to attend the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting (12.00 midnight (CEST) on May 16, 2018 – receipt by the Company).

There is a shareholders’ hotline to answer any questions relating to the Annual Shareholder’ Meeting invitations and applications to attend the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. For example, in case shareholders do not receive expected invitations the hotline can check whether the shareholders' registration has been conducted correctly. The telephone number of the hotline is +49 1802 - 739 376. Calls cost €0.06 from the landline network of Deutsche Telekom and maximum €0.42 per minute from German mobile networks. 


Shareholders who have applied to attend in time may attend the Annual Shareholders' Meeting even without an entrance ticket. The application to attend will be checked in the entrance area at the Grugahalle and a replacement ticket entitling the attendance is handed over. 


The Financial Report 2017 is available on the website of Evonik Industries AG as an online version. Shareholders who would like a printed copy may order one from Evonik Industries AG by email to or by calling the hotline on +49 1802 - 739 376. Calls cost €0.06 from the landline network of Deutsche Telekom and maximum €0.42 per minute from German mobile networks. 


Shareholders may leave the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting temporarily. However, when leaving shareholders have to sign-out at the exit gate and sign-in on returning so that the attendance register can be updated accordingly.


No, there are not. There are no full sets of minutes taken of the Annual Shareholders’ Meeting nor are complete video or audio recordings made. However, the addresses by the Chairman of the Supervisory Board and the Chairman of the Executive Board are streamed live via the internet and are available in the internet as recordings afterwards. 


In that case, attending the Shareholders' Annual Meeting is not possible without further steps as only those shareholders registered in the share register are, vis à vis the Company, deemed to be shareholders of the Company. Unregistered shareholders are not permitted to apply to attend the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. Attending the Annual Shareholders' Meeting, therefor, requires a proxy authorization by the authorized party registered in the share register.


A general voting proxy (continuing proxy) issued to a depository bank or a shareholders' association (e.g. Employee's Shareholder Association Evonik e.V.) also applies for registered shares.


The back of the voting card block is designed such that it may be used as confirmation of attendance. Therefor, the back is to be detached from the block and the name of the attendee is to be entered.


Shareholders' Hotline

Phone: +49 1802 - 739 376

€0.06 per call from the landline network of Deutsche Telekom, call charges from German mobile networks max. €0.42 per minute.


Use our Online-Service for e.g. email dissemination or ordering of entrance tickets as well as proxy authorization and issuing voting instructions.