Press release
March 22, 2011

Japan Update: Nippon Aerosil Co. (NAC) production plant status

Nippon Aerosil Co.’s production site is located in Yokkaichi/Mie prefecture - approximately 800 km southwest of the epicenter of the earthquake that occurred in Japan on March 11th 2011, and approximately 600 km southwest of the nuclear reactor in Fukushima.

The severe earthquake has had virtually no impact on our production site and it is fully operational. This also applies to the supply of raw materials to our plant. The ports of Yokkaichi and Nagoya, which NAC uses for exports, are fully accessible and operational. Our products manufactured at the plant are free of radioactive contamination. The city of Yokkaichi is recording ambient radioactivity on an hourly basis and the data can be accessed online via . This data shows consistently normal readings in our area.

As all materials, including raw materials, are processed at the Yokkaichi site, no radioactive contamination is possible, and all products are therefore safe.