TsUM is one of the oldest shops in Moscow.
TsUM is one of the oldest shops in Moscow.
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Long-Term Building Protection in Moscow and Baku

In the field of hydrophobation, graffiti control, corrosion control and surface protection Protectosil® is one of the most successful brands. Numerous reference buildings all over the world have been treated with Protectosil®. Some of the latest examples are popular stores in Moscow and the Olympic Stadium in Baku.

Keeping buildings free of graffiti is a challenging task. Due to the chemical properties of Protectosil®, paints and markers cannot adhere to the treated surface. The result is the protection against graffiti which can be removed quick and easy on the treated surface. Graffiti protection is an investment that pays off, as a facade treated with Protectosil ANTIGRAFFITI® can be cleaned up to ten times without reapplication.

One of Moscow’s oldest shops (TsUM) is not only the largest luxury shopping destination in Eastern Europe but also one of the most popular tourist attractions, frequented by over one million visitors every year. Its gothic architecture with modernist elements was designed by architect Roman Klein, who used reinforced concrete structures for the first time. Numerous metal structures and the steel frame of this architectural masterpiece made the store spacious and full of sunlight. During the last renovation Protectosil® was applied to protect the facade against undesired graffities.

The Tsvetnoy shopping mall in Moscow
The Tsvetnoy shopping mall in Moscow

The Tsvetnoy shopping mall expresses the spirit of a major city and has already adorned Tsvetnoy boulevard for several years. It was designed by Yury Grigoryan, an honored architect and winner of many professional awards. In 2016, when reconstructing the facade of Tsvetnoy, Protectosil® was used to ensure a long-lasting surface protection.
The Tsvetnoy building has been nominated for several more architectural awards, including the best commercial building in Russia. In 2012, the EuroShop Retail Design Awards recognized Tsvetnoy shopping mall as the best of the European designer outlet centers.

The wide spectrum of Protectosil® building protection products enables to choose the optimal product or product combination for almost every type of application and mineral substrate like concrete, brick, natural stone, split-face block, sand, limestone, marble granite, etc.

The Olympic stadium is distinguished by its technical capabilities and the use of advanced technologies. The construction of the stadium took 23 months. "With all responsibility I will say that in the world there are no such large arenas built in such a short period of time,” so Jem Ilgun, manager of the Turkish company Tekfen, who was engaged in the construction of the arena.

The Olympia Stadium in Baku, Azerbaijan was built in 2015 and covers 225,000 m2 of space within a larger site of 650,000 m2. During the construction, Protectosil® was applied to protect the outdoor area of the stadium. It effectively prevents water from penetrating into the surface by maintaining the substrates water vapor permeability.

The world’s demand for long-lasting building protection continues to increase. Many well-known buildings all over the world are protected with Protectosil®, preventing serious structural damage right from the start. Examples here are the Louvre in Paris, the Opera House in Sydney, the Central Library in Hong Kong, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in China or the Museum of Military History in Vienna.

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