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, Resource Efficiency

PEEK, polyimide and polyamides for high-performance gears

Whether in AdBlue or oil pumps, mass-balancing differentials, electric engines or sensor systems for car interiors—the expected performance levels for gears made of synthetic materials are continually on the rise.

, Products

Evonik to build new silicone plant in Geesthacht

Evonik is investing a double-digit million euro amount in the construction of a new multi-purpose facility at its Geesthacht location in Northern Germany, 30 kilometers outside the city of Hamburg.

, Nutrition & Care

Evonik completes €36 million expansion of its CMO capabilities for API and advanced intermediates

Evonik, a global CMO leader for API and advanced intermediates, today announced the completion of a €36 million expansion of its contract manufacturing capabilities in the U.S. and Europe.

, Nutrition & Care

Evonik receives European clearance to market its high-load Omega-3 powder AvailOm® for use in supplements

Evonik, a global partner to nutraceutical companies for advanced food ingredients and formulation development services, today announced that it has received clearance to market its innovative high-concentration Omega-3 lysine powder complex AvailOm® for use in the European Union (EU).

, Greater China

Evonik reminds customers of authorized sales channels for methionine products

Feed specialist company Evonik is reminding its customers to buy products only through official order channels ...


Evonik to expand its hydrophobic fumed silica capacities

Evonik Industries is expanding its capacities for refinement fumed silica in Rheinfelden (Germany).