Here you'll find Evonik's publications for download or as an ePaper.


The ELEMENTS magazine offers informative science journalism with social, economic, and political perspectives.

Company Brochure

A portrait of Evonik about our strategy, our employees, innovation and our products - and about everything that makes Evonik stand out. Click here for the e-paper.

Figures & Facts

"Soon You'll know more about us" is the new brochure that provides information on Evonik - short and to the point.

Financial Report

The Financial Report 2019 contains information on our business performance, details of corporate governance, and our consolidated financial statements. Click here to download the Financial Report 2019 and the annual reports for previous years as PDF documents.

Sustainability Report

Evonik endeavors to act responsibly and to be a reliable, fair partner. Find out here how Evonik acts responsibly.