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Evonik will present an expanded product portfolio, new technologies and innovative service tools at in-cosmetics Global 2019 in Paris. The company’s growing product portfolio is the result of in-house research and several successful acquisitions.

“We gained three powerful mainstays with Evonik Dr. Straetmans, Evonik Delivery Systems and Evonik Advanced Botanicals in recent years. I am pleased to present a much more well-rounded product portfolio to our customers than ever before,” says Dr. Tammo Boinowitz, the head of the Care Solutions business line. “It is not only proof of successful integration, but also highlights the customer benefits generated by our broad range of high-quality ingredients, biological process expertise, and market knowledge.”

Evonik’s exhibit will be set up at Stand H 30 of the Paris tradeshow. Among other offers, the Care Solutions business line will present the natural cosmetic ingredient NeoPlanta® Withania. This powerful, multifunctional active ingredient protects the skin against premature aging caused by stress and environmental influences. Evonik Advanced Botanicals produces the extract from the roots of the Ayurvedic ashwagandha plant through a biotechnological cultivation process. NeoPlanta® Withania is the first product to be jointly developed by the experts from Evonik Care Solutions and Evonik Advanced Botanicals.

The tetrapeptide TEGO® Pep UP protects the skin against the damaging blue light emitted by laptop, smartphone or tablet screens. Consumers are increasingly looking for products to counteract these effects. As an added benefit, TEGO® Pep UP also supports the regeneration of the affected skin areas. The tetrapeptide increases the production of collagen and other fibrous proteins in the skin's extracellular matrix to achieve a lifting effect.

Evonik Dr. Straetmans became a part of Care Solutions in 2017. In Paris, the experts for alternative preservative solutions will present two antioxidants to improve oxidation protection: dermofeel® TocoBalance contains a mixture of natural tocopherols from rapekernel oil that effectively protects both the skin and the oxidizable components of cosmetic formulations. dermofeel® TocoSkin, made from natural sunflower oil, is particularly rich in alpha-tocopherols that offer effective skin protection against oxidative stress. Both antioxidants are suitable for use in certified natural cosmetics.

The exhibit in Paris will also present the new intoBeauty® online platform, in which the company has arranged all relevant information on its products and formulation concepts in a central place. In addition to product information and documentation, users can access online videos and digital tools such as the Sensory Kaleidoscope and the Ceramide Knowledge Center around the clock by logging into

Evonik has long been committed to the sustainability of its products. With its CAREtain® Toolbox, the company is now offering its customers a dynamic, continuously growing information system that covers the most relevant sustainability aspects, with categories including RSPO-certified, biodegradable, COSMOS status, vegan and place of origin. Evonik's CAREtain® Toolbox creates transparency, makes the company’s sustainability philosophy tangible, and provides customers with an instrument to develop their own, ecologically optimized products. The Toolbox is also accessible through the portal.

Evonik’s Silica business line will present two new types of exfoliating particles in Paris as a natural alternative to microplastics. SIPERNAT® 250 PC and SIPERNAT ® 9000 PC expand the existing portfolio with regard to size and hardness of the available particles. Both products are made with untreated, COSMOS-certified silicas, which are qualified for use in natural cosmetics. Their micro-sponge structure enables the specialty silica to absorb liquid ingredients and fragrances to act as a carrier. The powdered products are easy to integrate into a wide variety of formulations, offering a natural alternative to microplastics.

The business line will also present its extensive product range for toothpaste applications in Paris. The specialty silicones sold under the ZEODENT® brand name stand out for their excellent cleaning, brightening and thickening properties. SPHERILEX® 145 and SPHERILEX® 148 are two additional product novelties. While SPHERILEX® 145 combines high cleaning power with moderate abrasion, SPHERILEX® 148 was specially developed for tooth paste formulations for sensitive teeth.

Evonik will offer further information on product novelties in two innovation seminars: Dr. Franck Michoux, the head of Evonik Advanced Botanicals in Tours, France, will present the innovative cosmetic ingredient NeoPlanta® Withania, which combines ancient Ayurvedic wisdom with modern biotechnology (April 3, 1:30 pm). Dr. Alexander Thiemann, innovation manager at Evonik Dr. Straetmans, will explain how natural antioxidants support various formulation concepts (April 2, 11:10 am).

Evonik will also organize two formulation lab sessions: Patrick Winter will talk about gentle facial cleansing with the help of natural ingredients (April 2, 1:30 pm), and Gabriele Polak will present solutions for environmentally friendly skincare emulsions (April 2, 3:30 pm). Selected Evonik innovations such as NeoPlanta® Withania will also be on display in the Innovation Zone.

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