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Personal Care
October 30, 2012

New solutions for new beauty - Highlights from Evonik Personal Care for In-Cosmetics Asia

Evonik’s personal care will introduce its most latest innovative products and unveil Move 360°, which shall support cosmetic manufacturers in developing their eco-optimized products to meet consumer demand.
Evonik new organics production facility for Asia region located in Shanghai will be opened in 2013. With local production and locally oriented R&D center, Evonik will meet Asia-Pacific customers' needs in industrial specialties industry. 

The world’s first fully vegetable-based Nylon-10,10 
It is the world’s first purely plant-based nylon-10,10 powder. TEGOLON® ECO 10-10 helps to improve tactile properties in cosmetic formulations. And as it is plant-sourced, TEGOLON® ECO 10-10 allows claims like "natural," "green" and "vegetable-based".
With its oil-absorbing properties and high covering power, TEGOLON® ECO 10-10 is especially suitable for cosmetic products such as matting foundations and loose and compact facial powders. A lifecycle assessment of TEGOLON® ECO 10-10 reveals a significantly lower carbon footprint than its petrochemical based alternatives. 

The new easy-to-use silicone conditioning agent ABIL® ME 45 
Evonik’s new PEG- and preservative-free silicone conditioning agent ABIL® ME 45 delivers multiple benefits. It provides excellent and intensive conditioning for extraordinary manageability and smoothness of hair as well as significantly improved wash-fastness of dyed hair. In addition, ABIL® ME 45 shows outstanding heat-protecting properties. Delivered as a microemulsion, ABIL® ME 45 is exceptionally easy to process and is suitable for a broad range of haircare applications, including conditioning rinses, conditioning shampoos, leave-in conditioners, hair and body shampoos, styling products and hair dyes.

All natural particles for a pleasant skin feel - TEGO® Feel Green 
TEGO® Feel Green is a sensory additive based on natural cellulose particle from renewable sources. The odorless, soft white powder provides a homogenous texture and a better integrity while distribution of the formulation. It improves absorption on the skin and leaves a drier after feel with reduced greasiness, tackiness and oiliness. The use of this eco-friendly material leads to a harmonic texture which is particularly pronounced for light and/or gel formulations. 

TEGO® Cistus – Daylight defense to protect your DNA
TEGO® Cistus is a standardized plant extract highly enriched in polyphenols from the pink rock rose. Cistus incanus spp. tauricus growths in Europe and parts of the Middle East and has a historical use in Traditional European Medicine. On a molecular level TEGO® Cistus regulates provides a broad DNA protection activity. It delivers strong anti-oxidative and anti-inflammatory effects, shields the skin surface and helps to protect the skin against external aggressions, such as UV light and pollution. 

TEGO® Stemlastin - Delaying chronological aging
TEGO® Stemlastin is a standardized micro algae extract of a particular red alga. It is produced in a natural, eco-friendly way. The alga Cyanidium caldarium is able to survive under extreme environmental conditions. Therefore, the extract delivers a special intracellular composition of extremolytes like mineral nutrients, amino acids and algae polyphenols. In addition, TEGO® Stemlastin is enriched in gamma amino butyric acid (GABA). TEGO® Stemlastin protects and maintains epidermal stem cell capacity for rejuvenated skin activity. On a molecular level, it boosts elastic fibers leading to highly supple skin and reduction of skin elasticity fatigue. Overall, TEGO® Stemlastin retains a youthful appearance and reduces the signs of chronological aging. 

Innovation and sustainability support 
These are just five examples of Evonik’s concepts to meet the needs of new beauty. As diverse as the company’s personal care lineup is, all its products are backed by a comprehensive customer support program, including practical product development assistance and transparent sustainability information on ingredients. 

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