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Experts in plastics

Evonik develops tailored and innovative products and system solutions for and with plastics.

Plastics have become an indispensable part of our daily lives. It is difficult to imagine cars and airplanes, computers, telephones and television, construction materials, sport and leisure, and the entire world of packaging without their plastic components.

They make a major contribution to human nutrition and hygiene, and also to modern medicine. In recent years, the fact that plastics are exceptionally energy-efficient has made them even more important. Their use results in major advantages, for example, in the insulation of buildings or in the lightweight but safe construction of cars, buses, trains and airplanes.

For all these different applications, Evonik has created different plastics products and system solutions. Using Evonik’s raw materials, for example, it is possible to quickly produce intricately molded plastic components. Rapid manufacturing is the technique behind the manufacture of these tailored products. Components as diverse as customized enclosures for hearing aids or prototypes of aerodynamic components for Formula 1 are manufactured with this method. With special plastic powders, Evonik also enables industrial-scale production of high-tech components using 3D printing.

Evonik also offers a unique product portfolio to improve the processing properties of plastics. For example, SIPERNAT® specialty silica, AEROSIL® fumed silica, and AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides are highly-efficient flow- and anti-caking agents for plastic powders or pellets and they can significantly improve the handling of these products.

As part of its portfolio, Evonik is proud to produce the star in the plastics scene - highly innovative and just the right material for creative thinkers and doers. Whether used in shop fittings, structural glazing, noise protection barriers, aquariums or in the advertising industry – PLEXIGLAS® provides tailored, long-lasting, and brilliant solutions.