Reaching for the stars

Evonik Solutions for Aerospace Applications

Space-based data and technologies are important tools for addressing the global challenges of our time. Satellite-generated data is crucial for innovative digital services and business models such as smart farming, industry 4.0, autonomous driving, fast Internet, and real-time observation for weather and climate data monitoring. And it's not only machines that are going to space — manned spaceflight is also on the rise. Evonik's aerospace solutions help operators reach for the stars, providing future-forward solutions for all space traffic, whether satellites or rocket launches.

Evonik offers solutions for aerospace that address challenges here on earth.

Evonik's Aerospace Portfolio

Are you looking for a foam core designed and specified for aerospace sandwich composite structures? Do you need a sustainable propellant based on the clean, green power of hydrogen peroxide? Or perhaps you are interested in a polymer designed for aerospace, such as our hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene. Check out our portfolio of solutions.

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