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The product portfolio of Evonik includes creative and innovative solutions for the Agriculture market. This allows us to continue developing and improving plant protection formulations for sustainable high yields in the farming industry. As your specialty chemicals partner in the agriculture industry, we offer products like active oxygens as a highly effective, environmentally friendly biocide, catalysts for hydrogenation, oxidation, isomerization or dehydrogenation, low-chloride liquid fertilizer for sensitive crops and silica for crop protection, seed treatment and plant growth. 

Products & Solutions for Agriculture

Active Oxygens for Agriculture

Peracetic acid is used in agriculture as a highly effective, environmentally friendly biocide that is excellent for pulse cleaning of drip lines in the absence of plants, disinfection equipment and grow houses, tables and bins, and cultivated plants.

sustainable aquaculture solutions with peroxides

Active Oxygens for Aquaculture  

Hydrogen peroxide is a sustainable oxidizing agent for pond and tank water treatment in fish farming and aquaculture. Peracetic acid is a powerful biocide that can be used in aquaculture circuits and seafood processing for treating fish in the defense against pathogens.

specialty additives for the agriculture industry

BREAK-THRU® specialty additives to the agricultural industry

Evonik BREAK-THRU®  a various specialty additives for the agricultural industry, for both uses such as tank mix adjuvants and in-can additives for conventional and biological pesticide formulations.

Catalysts for Agriculture

Our catalysts support the efficient production of modern agrochemical actives by enabling a wide range of catalytic reactions like hydrogenation, oxidation, isomerization or dehydrogenation of functional groups and CC coupling reactions.

Low-Chloride Liquid Fertilizer for Sensitive Crops

This specially adapted technology makes it possible to apply the product directly to the roots of the plant through a low-odor soil injection. As a low-chloride potash fertilizer, AgraLi® is generally suitable for all crops requiring potash. 

membranes for efficient biogas upgrading

Membranes for efficient biogas upgrading

Evonik has developed an innovative membrane technology for upgrading biogas into biomethane. With SEPURAN® Green membranes, the biomethane can be purified from the raw biogas to over 99%.

Nitrate-Free Liquid Fertilizer for Fostering Plant Growth

BlueSulfate® is an ideal solution to supplementing the necessary sulfur levels with the added benefit of supplying much-needed nitrogen. It is suitable for most agricultural crops and industrial applications that require some levels of ammonium sulfate.

DYNAVIS® Technology based on VISCOPLEX® for Reliable and Highly Robust Hydraulic Fluids in Agricultural Equipment

Approved by leading OEMs, hydraulic fluids formulated with DYNAVIS® technology are based on highly shear stable viscosity index improvers VISCOPLEX®. They ensure agricultural tractors increased field time, maximum efficiency in labor and higher productivity while reducing CO2 emissions. Oil service intervals are extended and the maintenance time reduced, resulting in reliable tractors and lower total cost of ownership.

Silica for Agriculture

In agriculture, silica is perfect for crop protection, seed treatment and plant growth. Silica ensures perfect rheology control, serve as stabilizers for uniform distribution of active ingredient particles in liquids and prevent their agglomeration.

How our products work

Agricultural equipment that is in use every day is constantly under immense stress. That’s why the oil additives specialists from Evonik develop custom hydraulic fluid solutions to meet all international standards, contributing more power and improved fuel economy in agricultural equipment. 

With DYNAVIS®-formulated hydraulic fluids, the benefits are realized in both hot and cold temperature situations. For example, less power is required for start-up in comparison to a conventional fluid. In addition, hot hydraulic fluids will be pumped out rather than recirculated back through the system. Recirculation can sometimes lead to internal leakage and lower pump efficiency in agricultural equipment. 

Silica from Evonik provide you with efficient flow additives and anti-caking agents. And if you need to process liquid components at the same time, silica can be used as a reliable carrier. Moreover, silica can be used to perfectly adjust rheological properties – for example in emulsifiable concentrates or oil dispersions. At the same time, they evenly distribute particles in the liquid to ensure the formulation remains stable for a long time. Silica are the perfect starting ingredients for highly efficient products for the agricultural industry: for crop protection, seed treatment and plant growth. They reduce the consumption of ingredients and impress with their high purity and consistent quality. 

The environment requires efficient agrichemicals that work at low doses with minimized negative environmental impact. Our catalysts help to produce such cutting-edge ingredients through highly selective processes, and your business can profit from our cost-efficient solution. We support a wide range of catalytic reactions with our extensive experience in hydrogenation, oxidation, isomerization or dehydrogenation of functional groups and in CC-coupling reactions.