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Automotive, Transportation & Machinery

As a leading global specialty chemicals group, Evonik is both a materials supplier and a partner in innovation for the Automotive, Transportation & Machinery market. Our portfolio extends from additives – including oil additives, crosslinkers, epoxy curing agents, hydrogen peroxide, molding compounds, polyamide, PU precursors, polyisocyanates for polyurethane coatings and silanes to specialty methycrylate as well as specialty resins and co-binders. Using our expertise and deep knowledge, we boost efficiency, we save weight and we create surfaces.

Products and Solutions for Automotive, Transportation & Machinery

3D printing materials for automotive applications

3D Printing Materials

Evonik offers special high-performance polymers of its INFINAM® brand that can be used in infinite automotive applications. 

additives for Diesel applications

Additives for Diesel Applications

High performance defoamers enable long-term performance, stability and high compatibility in the overall system for fossil diesel and biodiesel fuel.

additives for automotive and transportation coatings

Additives for Automotive and Transportation Coatings

We offer a variety of additives for car and transportation coatings, which provide benefits to all layers (incl. electrodeposition coatings, base coat, and clear coat) of automotive OEM coating systems as well as other transportation applications.

additives for marine and protective coatings

Additives for Marine and Protective Coatings

Durability, anti-fouling properties and elimination of micro and macro-foam play a major role when formulating marine and protective coatings. Our additives and resins are exactly made to overcome these coating formulation challenges.

additives for molded applications

Additives for Molded Applications

To reduce emissions in automotive interiors we have developed new catalysts, low VOC silicone surfactants and performance additives for polyurethane foam manufacturers that reduce noise and vibration by making car seats lighter, minimizing defects and improving the physical properties of dashboards, steering wheels and soft tops.

additives and resins for powder coatings

Additives and Resins for Powder Coatings

Coating additives for powder coatings like SPHERILEX® and AEROXIDE® provide anti-caking and matting properties and improve free flow of the powder. They are suitable for electrostatic application.

rubber additives for tire manufacturing

Additives for Tire Manufacturing

The world’s most versatile rubber additive VESTENAMER® eases the mixing and processing of various tire compounds significantly.

adhesives and sealants for transportation

Adhesives and Sealants for Transportation

Adhesives and sealants for transportation applications that are reliable, durable, cost-efficient and toxicologically safe.

membranes for efficient nitrogen generation

Membranes for efficient nitrogen generation

Evonik's SEPURAN® N2 membrane has been especially developed for nitrogen generation combining low air consumption at all temperature levels with high nitrogen capacity.

polymers for high-performance gears

Polymers for High-Performance Gears

Evonik offers a range of molding compounds that have been used for high-performance gears for several years, including reinforced and unreinforced PEEK molding compounds VESTAKEEP®, polyimide P84® NT, and modified polyamide 12 VESTAMID® compounds.

Carbon Silicon Composites for Lithium-ion Batteries

Siridion® Black is a new anode material for lithium-ion batteries. The Carbon Silicon composite makes batteries more powerful by increasing energy density and improving the fast-charging capability and energy efficiency.

Catalysts for PU precursors 

We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high-performance catalysts based on precious metals or base metals to produce polyurethane (PU) precursors.

Our experienced application engineering team will find the right catalyst for your process and provide specific technical support depending on the reaction type and conditions.

COMPIMIDE® Bismaleimides Resins

For the production of high-performance composites, adhesives and moldings.

Crosslinkers and Epoxy Curing Agents for Composites

Crosslinker offers solutions for all technologies: filament winding, pultrusion, cure in place pipes, prepreg, sheet molding compound, infusion and resin transfer molding. We offer polyamines, amine hardeners, dicyandiamide, accelerators, crosslinkers, epoxy curing agents and more.

Curing Agents and Modifiers for Epoxy Coatings

We enable high performance marine coatings, protective coatings, intumescent coatings, automotive coatings, container coatings and general epoxy coatings.

We offer polyamide, amidoamine, amine curing agents, imidazole accelerators, diluents, adhesion promoters and more.

DYNAVIS® and NUFLUX® Lubricant Technologies for Industrial Equipment, based on VISCOBASE® and VISCOPLEX®

PAMA based Oil Additives boost efficiency and productivity, reduce Total Cost of Ownership and support sustainable solutions in agriculture, construction, mining, manufacturing equipment, wind turbines, compressors and refineries.

Epoxy Curing Agents and Modifiers for Adhesive and Sealants

Ancamine, Ancamide, Amicure, Curezol, Dicyanex and Imicure enable adhesive bonding of different substrates providing higher strength and flexibility.

For one component systems (1K) and two component systems (2K) we offer polyamides, amidoamines, curing agents, accelerators, diluents, dicyandiamide (DICY) and more.

Epoxy Curing Agents and Modifiers for Automotive Solutions

Our products enable high performance automotive coatings, like chassis coatings, under body coatings, body shops, pressure vessels, battery cases as well as interior coatings.

We offer polyamides, amidoamines, curing agents, epoxy resins, accelerators, waterborne curing agents, dispersions, diluents, dicyandiamide (DICY), adhesion promoters and more.

Membranes for efficient onboard intertization

Evonik's SEPURAN® N2 membrane has been especially developed for nitrogen generation combining low air consumption at all temperature levels with high nitrogen capacity.

Monomers and Polyisocyanates for Polyurethane Coatings

VESTANAT contains aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PU resins and elastomers, waterborne polyurethane dispersions as well as cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for durable polyurethane coatings.

May it be building blocks for resin synthesis, hardeners for 2K coatings or blocked systems for 1K applications we have the right solution for can coatings, artificial leather, clear coats for cars as well as wood coatings and plastic coatings. We offer IPDI, H12MDI, TMDI, T1890 and more.

Performance Intermediates for the Automotive Industry

Whether MTBE as octane booster for high fuel efficiency or  butadiene as key monomer for synthetic rubber in car tires – Evonik offers a wide range of outstanding performance intermediates for  automotive manufacturers, parts producers, tire manufacturers and other companies in the automotive industry.

Pigment and Particle Treatment for Coatings  

Pigments are treated with silanes and silicic acid esters in order to prevent their oxidation during processing and in the end product. Furthermore, pigments are treated with Dynasylan® organofunctional silanes in order to compatibilize them with the organic resin.

Plastic Additives for Automotive and Transportation

Performance additives for engineering resins and silicone rubber compounds that offer the essential properties the automotive industry requires.

Polymers for the Automotive Industry  

We offer a wide range of polymers for the automotive industry: sound dampening for cars, body, and polymer paint sealants; headlamp bonding. Our hotmelt adhesives are ideally suited for many automotive applications.

PROPULSE® for Aerospace

Highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide is not only used as an oxidizer for turbopumps in the fuel pumps of large rockets such as the Soyuz rocket. The clean, easy-to-handle peroxide is also a powerful, environmentally friendly fuel for launch vehicles in the satellite world market.

ROHACELL® for Aviation and Aerospace

The aerospace industry has long been using the composite material ROHACELL® as a lightweight, structural core material that also reduces the cost of sandwich materials due to its process reliability.

Silanes for Adhesives and Sealants in Automotive, Transportation and Machinery

Dynasylan® additives are essential additives for sealants and adhesives. They allow to replace expensive processes such as screwing and welding in the (transportation) automotive and aerospace industries. Low VOC adhesives and sealants adhere to (critical) difficult substrates such as plastics, giving them longer life and greater resistance to vibration, temperature changes and stress.

Silica for Batteries

High-purity silica and metal oxides increase safety, service life and performance of lithium-ion batteries. Precipitated silica is used in battery separators. Fumed silica for the production of gel electrolytes in stationary lead-acid batteries extends battery life.

Silica for Lubricants and Greases

As thickeners or additives, silica improve performance and durability of lubricants and greases used in industrial equipment, automotive or electronics industries. They provide better oil separation, rheology control and stabilize lubricating solid particles.

Silica for Tires

The Silica/Silane system in Green tires reduces rolling resistance, saves up to 8% fuel, improves wet grip and makes tires extremely durable even under heavy loads. Tires with large threads, such as those for SUVs, benefit especially from our active fillers and reinforcing materials.

Silica/Silane system in Tires

The silica/silane system in Green tires improves rolling resistance for lower fuel consumption with up to 8% savings, abrasion resistance, dry and wet grip to increase driving safety, and wear resistance for longer tire lifetimes.

TEGO® SURTEN E for lithium ion batteries

TEGO® SURTEN E for Lithium Ion Batteries

Process enablers improve lithium-ion battery production to yield better electrical performance and lower total cost of ownership.

TROGAMID® in Automotives

The microcrystalline polyamide TROGAMID® protects surfaces of automotive trim, fittings and controls from stress cracking and surface haze caused by perspiration, skin grease, temperature fluctuations or cleaning agents.

TROGAMID® in Machinery and Appliances

TROGAMID® molding compounds offer the requisite safety for both short-term and dynamic stress in machinery and appliances like filter cups for water, fuels and compressed air, flow meters, battery seals, windows or valve blocks. They have excellent transparency and high chemical resistance to oils and greases.

VISCOBASE® and VISCOPLEX® Solutions for Fuel Economy, Emissions Compliance and Performance

PAMA based Oil Additives are used in a wide range of formulations including multigrade engine oils, transmission fluids, hydraulic fluids and gear oils to reduce fuel consumption, achieve extended fluid service life and enhanced performance – whether in automotive, commercial or public transportation.

VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates for Automotive and Transportation

Building blocks for binder resins to formulate water- or solvent borne coatings with superior scratch- and weather resistance, flame retardancy and advanced adhesion.

How our products work

In Green Tires Silica replaces Carbon Black as a filler. Silanes are required to thoroughly mix non-polar rubber and polar silica. The main benefits of silica and silanes in Green Tires are reduced rolling resistance, fuel savings up to 8%, improved wet grip and extreme durability even under heavy loads. As a result, energy can be more efficiently utilized and emissions minimized. By using the Silica/Silane System in Green Tires it is possible to increase driving safety and wear resistance for longer tire lifetimes, too.

In the Automotive, Transportation & Machinery market, additives can be used for molded applications to reduce noise and vibration by making car seats lighter, minimizing defects and improving the physical properties of dashboards, steering wheels and soft tops. Additives also provide corrosion resistance and fire protection in protective coatings. Moreover, oil additives polymers reduce fuel consumption, achieve extended fluid service life, enhanced performance and offer sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emufaissions - whether in automotive, commercial and, public transportation or in construction and mancturing equipment.

Curing agents enable high performance marine coatings, protective coatings, automotive coatings and general epoxy coatings. But this is not the only area where our curing agents are used. Our epoxy curing agents go into one-component (1K) and two-component (2K) epoxy adhesive system that are widely used for substitution of mechanical fasteners, welding and bonding dissimilar materials in auto OEM and aftermarket applications.

Evonik produces the key building blocks for crosslinking, also known as hardeners, for many important classes of polymers, such as epoxy resins or polyurethanes. Crosslinked polymeric network build a protective structure. Crosslinkers increase the stability of the coating and improve the resistance towards environmental impacts.