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From the roof to the foundation, and from protecting ancient national treasures to building the cities of the future, Evonik has products and solutions for use in almost all aspects of construction. As your specialty chemicals partner in the construction industry, we offer additives to improve properties of interior and exterior paints and coatings, epoxy curing agents and methacrylate monomers for adhesives and sealants, polymers such as hotmelt adhesives, silanes as adhesion promoters in insulating materials or silica for improved handling of powdered additives for concrete. Moreover, our oil additives ensure that the machines used in the construction offer maximum performance and efficiency. We work closely with our customers to find the best solutions for their needs.  

Products & Solutions for Construction


Hydrophobing effects, defoaming, color strength and burnish resistance are vital when formulating architectural coatings. Our additives improve properties of interior and exterior paints and coatings. We provide solutions for different ranges of pigment volume concentration.

Additives for Bituminous Coatings, Asphalt and Infrastructure

Our additives for bituminous coatings, asphalt and infrastructures increase durability, reduce emissions and energy consumption of buildings and infrastructure.

Additives for Can & Coil Coatings

We offer additives for can and coil coatings which provide excellent adhesion, defoaming and haptic properties to your coating formulation. When it comes to can coatings, our portfolio also comprises food contact compliant additives. 

additives for innovative road construction

Additives for innovative road construction

With VESTENAMER®, Evonik helps to sustainably close material cycles of rubber. The unique process additive makes it possible to efficiently process waste rubber into a robust material for modern road construction.

Additives for Floor Coatings

We offer additives for floor coatings, like TEGO® Addid adhesion promoter which provide anti-static properties, as well as defoamers and deaerators for solventborne floor coatings.

Additives for Metal & Glass Coatings  

Our additives for metal and glass coatings provide adhesion, flexibility, hardness and corrosion protection to metal and glass substrates.

Additives for rigid foam polyurethane

Our additives enable excellent insulation properties for insulation panels based on rigid polyurethane foam to prevent heat loss through building roofs and walls saving energy.

Additives for Wood Coatings

We offer additives and binders for various wood coating applications, such as furniture, joinery, and floor coatings. Our additives improve substrate wetting, scratch resistance and anti-blocking of your waterborne and UV curing coating formulation.

Adhesives and Sealants for Construction

Our silane-modified polymers offer high quality binders for hybrid adhesives and sealants used in multiple construction applications. They allow you to develop adhesive and sealant solutions with a wide range of mechanical properties and without the need for hazard labelling.

Amine Curing Agents and Modifiers for Epoxy Coatings  

Ancamide, Ancamine, Anquamine, Amicure, Curezol, Dicyanex, Hybridur and Imicure enable high performance marine coatings, protective coatings, intumescent coatings, automotive coatings, container coatings and general epoxy coatings.

We offer polyamide, amidoamine, amine curing agents, imidazole accelerators, diluents, adhesion promoters and more.

Civil Engineering

Our products enhance epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane coatings, polyaspartic flooring, concrete coatings, crack injection, bolt anchoring, adhesive and sealant systems, composite rebars, machine grouts.

We offer crosslinkers, hardeners, polyamide, amidoamine, amine curing agents, imidazole accelerators, diluents, adhesion promoters and more.

additive solutions for the construction industry

Construction Chemicals

Our additive solutions for the construction industry are based on our extensive experience of interfacial phenomena. Using our diverse range of molecular components, we can design more efficient and sustainable solutions for admixtures, mortars and a variety of industrial building materials.

Crosslinkers and Epoxy Curing Agents for Composites

Crosslinker offers solutions for all technologies: filament winding, pultrusion, cure in place pipes, prepreg, sheet molding compound, infusion and resin transfer molding.

We offer polyamines, amine hardeners, dicyandiamide , accelerators, crosslinkers, epoxy curing agents  and more.

Dynasylan® for heat and sound insulation  

Silanes are essential as adhesion promoters in insulating materials made of glass and mineral fibers to achieve high strength and good moisture resistance. Dynasylan® silanes are used as a component in polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins to modify the glass surface.  

Dynasylan® as high efficient crosslinkers in silicone sealants

Our organofunctional silanes are used to crosslink tailormade RTV-1 alcoxy silicones. These silicones are used to seal shower enclosures, and to glaze all glass constructions, etc.

Dynasylan® for more stability in Glass Fiber products

DYNASYLAN(R) silanes are essential as adhesion promoters to achieve high strength and good moisture resistance in glass fiber products. They transmit the glass fibre strength to the polymer, reduce the moisture sensitivity and add to the mechanical protection of glass fibres.

Dynasylan® for protective coatings

Dynasylan® SIVO 140 is used as a binder for corrosion protection coatings on ships, offshore facilities and bridges. These coatings display excellent protection against sun and ocean. Furthermore, industrial plants and utility poles belong to the typical application areas. It dries quickly, it is easy to process, compatible with many fillers and pigments.

Dynasylan® for the special flair of artificial stones

To achieve the high performance standard of modern composite systems, the use of organofunctional silanes is necessary. When used in cast stone, silanes result in a harder, slip-resistant, water- and dirt-repellent material. We manufacture various specialty silanes that promote adhesion between sand and polymer in cast stone.

Dynasylan® for the wire, cable and pipe industry

With Dynasylan® SILFIN we provide a wide range of ready-to-use products for the wire, cable and pipe industry but also for other thermoplastic applications. Dynasylan® SILFIN is used in tailor-made blends consisting of all necessary ingredients for grafting and crosslinking of polyethene (PEX/XLPE). These products are used in the  two-step SIOPLAS® process and the one-step Monosil® process .

Dynasylan® SIVO 121 for wood impregnation

Particularly effective surface protection agent for wood. The water-based, environmentally compatible system has excellent water- and oil-repellent properties and protects the wood surface from the tendency to stain. The natural touch, feel, beauty and smell of the wood are preserved. 

Environmentally Friendly Epoxy Curing Agents for Constructions

Our portfolio contains products with low or no VOCs and no APEs or NPEs to meet regulatory requirements in civil engineering.

We offer modified amines, polycarbamide and waterborne epoxy curing agents for use in floor coatings, mortars, grouts, epoxy modified concrete and more.

Epoxy Curing Agents and Modifiers for Adhesive and Sealants

Ancamine, Ancamide, Amicure, Curezol, Dicyanex and Imicure enable adhesive bonding of different substrates providing higher strength and flexibility.

For one component systems (1K) and two component systems (2K) we offer polyamides, amidoamines, curing agents, accelerators, diluents, dicyandiamide (DICY) and more.

Hydraulic Fluids in Construction Equipment

Approved by leading OEMs, hydraulic fluids for construction equipment are formulated with DYNAVIS® technology based on highly shear stable viscosity index improvers VISCOPLEX®. They provide excavators, backhoes and all sorts of construction and work vehicles with more agility and more power – with less fuel.

Monomers and Polyisocyanates for Polyurethane Coatings

VESTANAT® contains aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PU resins and elastomers, waterborne polyurethane dispersions as well as cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for durable polyurethane coatings.

May it be building blocks for resin synthesis, hardeners for 2K coatings or blocked systems for 1K applications we have the right solution for can coatings, OEM clear coats as well as wood coatings and plastic coatings. We offer IPDI, H12MDI, TMDI, T1890 and more.

Performance Intermediates for the construction industry

From roofs to floors, intermediates from Evonik help engineers and manufacturers of building and construction products meet the performance requirements for demanding conditions. Whether as flexible PVC in flooring or in roofing membranes, it's plasticizers from Evonik that make polymer materials like PVC flexible and pliable in handling and use.

Polymers for the Construction Industry

We offer polymers for the construction industry such as hotmelt adhesives for profile wrapping or for edge bonding solutions. Our liquid polybutadienes and thermoplastic polyolefins can be used for insulating glass sealants, modified bitumen for waterproofing membranes or in silicone sealants.

Protectosil® for building protection

Tailor-made silane-based Protectosil® building protection systems for hydrophobization, graffiti and surface protection, corrosion protection and stone strengthening. The main cause of deterioration of structures is moisture penetration, efflorescence or damage from road salt or salt blasting.

Silica for Construction Materials

Our silica and metal oxides are functional additives that improve the handling, properties and durability of powdered additives for concrete and mortar. Our silica plays a vital role as carrier or free flow agent.

Silica for Thermal Insulation

Silica are important components in highly efficient insulation systems that provide far greater insulation than conventional systems over a wide temperature range. They can be used to produce e.g. Vacuum Insulation Panels (VIP) and High Temperature Insulation, ensure a long life-time and enable fire protection.

VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates for Construction Applications

Reactive resins from VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates are used for concrete admixtures, liquid water proofing compounds, industrial flooring, reactive road marking systems and concrete repair compounds. Their low vapor pressure and high reactivity allows safe handling and fast curing even at low ambient temperatures.