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Additives for Heat-Resistant Coatings

Additives and specialty binder for heat-resistant coatings protect industrial applications such as mufflers, fireplaces as well as cook and bakeware and provide high temperature resistance to avoid corrosion and cracks of the coating. We also offer solutions for ambient-curing coating applications.

Additives for Industrial Lubricants

Our surface-active additives improve the performance of water miscible and non-water miscible metalworking fluids. We offer a broad range of foam control agents, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitors and wetting agents.

Additives for Polymer Dispersions

Based on our special know-how in interfacial chemistry, we offer high-performance additives for polymer adhesives that control processes such as defoaming, deaeration and wetting.

Adhesives Dispersions

Our broad portfolio includes defoamers and emulsifiers for the production of various dispersions, as well as additives that improve the performance of adhesive formulations.

Amine Curing Agents and Modifiers for Epoxy Coatings

Our products enable high performance marine coatings, protective coatings, intumescent coatings, automotive coatings, container coatings and general epoxy coatings.

We offer polyamide, amidoamine, amine curing agents, imidazole accelerators, diluents, adhesion promoters and more.

Catalysts for solvents

Our high-performance fixed bed copper and nickel foam catalysts can provide an alternative to your conventional catalyst types in the production of oxo alcohols. Our catalysts contain up to one third less nickel than other commercially available products, with the same or even higher activity. This has positive effects in the hydrogenation of 1,4-butanediol production via the Reppe synthesis.

Civil Engineering

Crosslinker products enhance epoxy floor coatings, polyurethane coatings, polyaspartic flooring, concrete coatings, crack injection, bolt anchoring, adhesive and sealant systems, composite rebars, machine grouts.

We offer crosslinkers, hardeners, polyamide, amidoamine, amine curing agents, imidazole accelerators, diluents, adhesion promoters and more.

Crosslinkers and Epoxy Curing Agents for Composites

We offer solutions for all technologies: filament winding, pultrusion, cure in place pipes, prepreg, sheet molding compound, infusion and resin transfer molding.

We offer polyamines, amine hardeners, dicyandiamide, accelerators, crosslinkers, epoxy curing agents and more.

Dynasylan® for high-performance Adhesives and Sealants

Dynasylan® improve the performance of adhesives and sealants. They act as adhesion promotors and crosslinking agents. These products protect modern adhesives and sealants from high levels of environmental humidity and maintain the full adhesive capacity of joined but not yet cured adhesive surfaces.

Dynasylan® for Mineral Treatment

Functional organosilanes and silane oligomers are used for high-quality surface modification. Chemical bonding with the inorganic surface and the right choice of silane functionality results in lower viscosity, better adhesion and higher degree of filling compound.

Dynasylan® for more stability in glass fiber products

Silanes are essential as adhesion promoters in materials made of glass and mineral fibers to achieve high strength and good moisture resistance. Dynasylan® silanes are used as a component in polyester, vinyl ester, and epoxy resins to modify the glass surface.  

Dynasylan® for Thermosets

Dynasylan® is used to improve the performance and processability of thermosetting filler systems. 
Applications include molds, tools, thermoset concrete, resin mortars, resin coatings for construction materials, engine construction, coatings for floors or industrial equipment, dental compounds, etc.

Epoxy Curing Agents and Modifiers for Adhesive and Sealants

Our products enable adhesive bonding of different substrates providing higher strength and flexibility.

For one component systems (1K) and two component systems (2K) we offer polyamides, amidoamines, curing agents, accelerators, diluents, dicyandiamide (DICY) and more.

Epoxy Curing Agents to meet challenging environmental regulations

Our products contain solutions for use in high solids, waterborne and other environmentally friendly epoxy and PU systems.

We offer crosslinkers, amine hardeners, epoxy curing agents, polyamines, dicyandiamide, accelerators and more.

I&I Cleaning

Evonik’s offers a wide range of products for institutional and industrial cleaning (I&I). Besides surfactants and emulsifiers for the food and beverage industry we also provide solutions for acid cleaners, rust removers or odor neutralizers for technical cleaning. We also supply surfactants and solvents for kitchen and janitorial cleaning as well as commercial laundry.

Monomers and Polyisocyanates for Polyurethane Coatings

VESTANAT contains aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PU resins and elastomers, waterborne polyurethane dispersions as well as cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for durable polyurethane coatings.

May it be building blocks for resin synthesis, hardeners for 2K coatings or blocked systems for 1K applications we have the right solution for can coatings, artificial leather, clear coats for cars as well as wood coatings and plastic coatings. We offer IPDI, H12MDI, TMDI, T1890 and more.

Performance Intermediates for chemical manufacturing & industry

Evonik offers various high-purity products for further processing in chemical production. Diisobutene, tertiary butanol and trimethylhexanal are some of our high-purity intermediates for various applications. They are used for the synthesis of organic peroxides, antioxidants, agrochemicals, resins, pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, organic acids, fragrances, lubricants, polyurethanes and solvents.

polyimid fibres for personal protective equipment

Polyimid fibres for personal protective equipment

Evonik’s high performance P84® HT fibers can be used to construct garments that deliver some of the most valuable benefits for personal protective equipment (PPE) today.

Plastic Additives for Surface Treatment

Our organically modified siloxanes improve the hydrophobicity of pigments, fillers and flame retardants, for example, and enable optimum dispersion in the polymer matrix.

Polymers for Processing Aids

We offer polymers for processing aids such as tailor-made amorphous poly-alpha-olefins, fischer tropsch wax which is a hard wax. Our liquid polybutadienes can be used for anti corrosion (polymer modification), in defoamer, as well as release agents in pu foam or PVC lubricants.

Process Auxiliaries for Electroplating

Our process auxiliars like wetting agents in electroplating, provide abrasion, wear resistance, corrosion protection, lubricity and aesthetic qualities, and support the processing of evenly plated surfaces.

PU-Additives for CASE Applications

Our Additives enable you to optimize performance by controlling the reaction profile and pot life, shortening return to service time, improving surface appearance and adhesion, as well as helping to enhance the physical properties of the final product.

Silica for 3D Printing

AEROSIL® fumed silica, AEROXIDE® fumed metal oxides and their dispersions are hugely versatile, serving as flow additives for powders, as reinforcing materials for polymer systems or to reduce the electrostatic charge of a material.

Silica for Adhesives & Sealants

Silica products improve the rheological and mechanical properties of adhesives and sealants for better stability in rotor blades for wind turbines, automotive construction or chemical anker systems. They can still be processed after long storage periods and allow the production of highly transparent adhesives and sealants.

Performance Additives

Antifoulants from Evonik limit the causes and effects of fouling of light olefins and related monomers in petrochemical plants.

TMT 15® for General Manufacturing

Our TMT 15® enables environmentally separation of heavy metals from waste water mainly in combustion plants.

VESTOSINT® PA12 Fine Powders

VESTOSINT® polyamide 12 powders are especially suitable for metal coating and are used as additives to improve the quality of coatings. Crucial to their application are their valuable properties, which correspond to those of PA12.

VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates for 3D Printing

VISIOMER® Specialty Methacrylates are used to improve the mechanical and thermal stability of transparent 3D printed objects like dental aligners.