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As one of the world's leading specialty chemicals companies, Evonik offers tailored solutions for your needs in the Home, Lifestyle & Personal Care market. Our portfolio extends from active ingredients, additives, catalysts, crosslinkers, flexible foam and hydrogen peroxide, methacrylates, polymers to silica and surfactants. Using our expertise and deep knowledge, we find the best solutions for our customers.

Products and Solutions for Home, Lifestyle & Personal Care

peroxides for hygiene and disinfection

Active Oxygens for Hygiene and Disinfection

The sustainable products hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid are perfectly suited for effective cleaning and disinfection in hospitals, medical offices, and laundries, as well as industrial, institutional, and residential cleaning applications.

Active Oxygens for Cosmetics and Personal Care

Hydrogen peroxide is used as an antibacterial and oxidizing agent in cosmetics and personal care products to form dyes in hair coloring with oxidizing agents or to enrich stains on teeth with oxygen to increase teeth whiteness.

peroxides for disinfection and bleaching of textiles and laundry

Active Oxygens for Textile and Laundry  

Peracetic acid is used for chemo-thermal disinfection and bleaching in industrial laundry as a laundry disinfectant and bleach. Hydrogen peroxide provides gentle yet powerful bleaching and cleaning for synthetic and natural fibers. Both of these sustainable ingredients break down into harmless substances that leave no trace on the environment.

Additives for Artificial Leather and Froth Foam  

From artificial leather or vegan leather technologies, carpet backing, artificial turf to sports surfaces: Our polyurethane foams and low VOC froth foams ensure improved foaming stability during preparation. In applications, they improve viscosity, sound absorption, durability, haptics, improved stability, breathability and tear resistance.

Additives for Flexible Slabstock Foam Applications

Our mainly low VOC polyurethane additives like viscoelastic or polyester foams for polyether comfort slabstock applications provide sufficient cell opening, higher elasticity of cell structure compared to standard ether foams or reduced flammability and are used in bed mattresses, pillows, toppers, sofas, packaging or flame laminated fabrics.

Additives for Footwear and Other Microcellular Foams  

Our low density microcellular polyurethane foams maximize the comfort, durability and design of footwear. Our biobased surfactants give ideal density to shoe soles and improve the productivity of safety shoes. Catalysts optimize skin appearance. Our performance additives provide antistatic properties, abrasion resistance and adhesion. Release agents provide good haptics and tailored appearance.

Additives for Leather Coatings

The Coating Additives business line offers additives and resins for leather coatings. Our products and solutions ensure a soft touch, finest leather haptics as well as abrasion and rub resistance for your leather coating formulation.

Adhesive Resins for Product Assembly

Adhesive polyesters and amorphous poly-alpha-olefines offer an ideal solution for a multitude of industrial assembly, such as carpet or mattress bonding, hygiene and textile applications.

Catalysts for Building Blocks for Polymers

We produce high-performance catalysts for the production of building blocks for polymers. They allow optimization of selective hydrogenations and oxidations in the production of your polymer precursor, such as alpha-methyl styrene (AMS), olefins, resins, vinyl acetate monomer (VAM), or vinyl chloride monomer (VCM).

Catalysts for Fine Chemicals

Our catalysts play a crucial role in manufacturing a wide range of fine and specialty chemicals. Applications include care chemicals, dyes, electronics, fragrances, plasticizers, and many more. We provide a portfolio of heterogeneous catalysts for many reaction types, which enable you to manufacture high-quality products more cost-effectively and sustainably.

Catalysts for Life Sciences

Our catalysts serve your established life sciences batch processes and support you in transforming them into continuous processes, e.g. flow chemistry.

Ingredients, Additives and Specialties for Cleaning

Our additives and surfactants are broadly being used for detergents for laundry and dish washing and surface cleaners to ensure cleanness and hygiene standards. As your sustainable specialties partner we also provide biodegradable alternatives such as biosurfactants to support your sustainable cleaning formulas.

Monomers and Polyisocyanates for Polyurethane Coatings

VESTANAT® contains aliphatic and cycloaliphatic diisocyanate monomers for light stable PU resins and elastomers, waterborn polyurethane dispersions as well as cycloaliphatic polyisocyanates for durable polyurethane coatings.

May it be building blocks for resin synthesis, hardeners for 2K coatings or blocked systems for 1K applications we have the right solution for can coatings, artificial leather, OEM clear coats as well as wood coatings and plastic coatings. We offer IPDI, H12MDI, TMDI, T1890 and more.

performance intermediates for beauty and Personal Care

Evonik Oxeno for Beauty & Personal Care

Whether it's shaving foam or deodorant, we use cosmetic products every day. Our petrochemical specialties DRIVOSOL® and tertiary-butyl-alcohol (TBA) are used as intermediate in the cosmetics industry, in the production of surfactants, and as aerosol propellant mixtures.

ROHACELL® foam for sports

Sandwiched designs with cover layers made of fiber plastic composites such as carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) and core materials such as ROHACELL® foam are the trend in high performance sports equipment. The extremely rigid and strong ROHACELL® foam is an ideal material for lightweight, yet durable components because of its low density. 

Silica for Cosmetic Applications

No matter what function or application - our silica portfolio for personal care offers versatile solutions to achieve the desired effects such as free flow, anticaking or rheology control to realize special product properties. Learn more about the possibilities in hygiene and care products, color cosmetics, peeling skin and much more.

Our silica can work as gelling agents, ensuring creams and emulsions have the perfect viscosity, can be used as carrier, taking active ingredients into your formulation and care for a mattifying effect in decorative cosmetics. Moreover, they significantly improve the structure and stability of products – for lipsticks and makeup, too.

Silica for Oral Care

Evonik is your complete solution provider for oral care whether you are looking for a cleaning or thickening agent. With our dental silica, you can tailor your formulations precisely to your needs. Different types of cleaning, optimal rheology, or optical and sensory properties.

Silica in Cleaning Agents

Silica from Evonik in household cleaners are the eco-friendly alternative to conventional ingredients supporting the free flow and anti-caking effect in powders. The high absorption capacity of our silica also enables the production of compact powders with high concentrations of active ingredients. With our special carrier silicas, even liquid additives can be integrated into pourable powders. Dedicated products of our silica portfolio can easily be used for emulsification processes in your formulation. Even when you are looking for opacification of your formulation, we might have the right ingredient in our silica portfolio. Whether you are producing liquid formulations, gels, sprays or compact cleaning tabs - our wide range of products has the right silica for your purpose.

Solutions for Beauty and Personal Care

We offer products for the beauty and personal care market: ingredients for skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care and skin cleansing as well as active ingredients such as ceramides or delivery systems.

Solvents and Intermediates for Chemical Synthesis

VESTASOL® contains specialty solvents for coatings and agrochemicals as well as an intermediate for the synthesis of e.g. disinfectants, polycarbonates and UV absorbers. We offer IP, THN, DHN, TMC-on and more.

TEGO® RC SILICONeS for Hygiene Applications

A perfect release coating is essential for diaper tapes, feminine care products and other self-adhesive applications in the hygiene industry to function properly. UV curing and coating with TEGO® RC Silicones at room temperature means less energy is required. Causing no stress to the substrate, our thermal curing silicone coatings offer easy release properties making them ideal for all manner of heat sensitive materials. Key applications include paper and other thin gauge substrates, recycled materials, non-wovens, even plant-based substrates can all be coated successfully.

TEGO® RC SILICONeS for Self-Adhesive Products

Our UV curing release coatings generate new business opportunities for our customers by helping them overcome problems that traditionally cured silicones cannot solve. Our high-performance thermal cuing silicone coatings are highly effective for applications including self-adhesive and linerless labels, graphic arts, tapes and hygienic products like diaper tapes.

Textile Auxiliaries  

Our additives and formulation aids improve textile processing of fibers by enhancing the quality and properties of finished garments helping our customers to improve efficiencies in their production processes.    

From the wetting & spreading agents needed in yarn and textile processing, antifoams and defoamers that ensure smooth production to the durable water repellents, odor absorbers and softeners used in garment finishing applications, our solutions enable modern hardwearing fabrics that meet the complex performance requirements of various textile labels. Our latest fluoro free water repellent products help our customers to meet their sustainability targets.

Tissue Additives

Our process aids and performance additives provide soft, safe products and innovative solutions for a better world for pulp/paper and tissue/fluff pulp applications. Based on a broad technology platform of organic specialty surfactants and organomodified siloxanes our broad product portfolio covers a variety of products with specific application profiles to address almost all needs of the tissue and fluff pulp industry: softeners and debonders under the AROSURF®, VARISOFT®, and REWOQUAT® trade names as well as softeners and pulp and paper defoamers under the TEGOPREN® trade name.

TROGAMID® transparent polyamide for optics 

There're no limits on creativity with Evonik's TROGAMID® for optical applications. The microcrystalline polyamide meets high dynamic stress resistance with design to manufacture sunglass lenses and eyeglass frames. 

VESTAMID® Polyamide for Personal Care

Our molding compounds are used in body care products where filaments are needed such as for toothbrushes. The compounds are easily processed into resistant bristles, from soft to hard, with antimicrobial additives, for children as well as adults.

VESTAMID® Polyamide for Sports

Performance and design are key in sports shoes, whether for running, soccer, skiing, or hiking. VESTAMID® polyamide 12 and thermoplastic elastomer polyether block amide (PEBA) meet the highest requirements placed on them. 

VESTAMID® Terra biobased Polyamide for Fabrics 

Under the name VESTAMID® Terra Evonik markets a group of polyamides based on renewable raw materials. The polymers ca be manufactured to high-tech textile fibers which have a lot to offer: maximum wearing comfort and unexcelled performance. Processed into high-quality fabrics, they have an odor-reducing effect thanks to their lasting natural bacteriostatic characteristics. 

VISIOMER® Methacrylates for Personal & Health Care

Our Specialty Methacrylates are used as building blocks for the production of hair care, skin care, health- & fem care components, contact lenses, dental compounds and pharmaceuticals.
Under the VISIOMER® Terra brand we provide different products with bio-content, that reduce the carbon footprint of our customers products - as either drop-in solutions for existing monomers or extended solutions creating new monomers with superior performance.

How our products work

Hydrogen peroxide and peracetic acid can be used for efficient yet environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfection in the private, industrial, and institutional sectors. In cosmetics and household applications — such as hair coloring, teeth whitening, laundry and textile care, or cleaning — hydrogen peroxide is an effective and safe bleaching and sterilizing agent. The oxidizing power of our portfolio goes beyond personal and home care, however. Hydrogen peroxide, peracetic acid, and persulfates are used across a variety of industries, including food processing, agriculture, medical applications, wastewater treatment, and even aerospace, electronics, and mining. And once these active oxygens have done their job, they quickly break down into harmless substances that leave no trace on the environment.

Our additives provide innovative solutions for improving the performance and sustainability of many everyday products including artificial leather, the flexible foams used in furniture, footwear and textile manufacturing to name a few. Our low VOC polyurethane additives improve the foaming stability of froth foams used during the production of artificial leather and carpet backings. Low VOC additives are also used in mattresses, pillows, toppers, sofas, packaging or flame laminated fabrics. Our diverse additives portfolio also includes solutions to maximize the comfort, durability and design of footwear, as well as textile auxiliaries that help our customers to improve the efficiency and sustainability of their textile manufacturing processes.

No matter what function or application - silica for personal care helps to achieve the desired effects such as free flow, anticaking or rheology control to realize special product properties. Silica is perfectly suited for hygiene and care products, color cosmetics, peeling skin and much more. Another common use of Silica is household cleaning as an eco-friendly alternative to conventional ingredients. Our silica portfolio can easily be used for emulsification processes or for opacification of your formulation.

 Our heterogeneous catalysts can be used for many reaction types and for applications like care chemicals, dyes or electronics. Using the heterogeneous catalysts our customers can optimize selective hydrogenations and oxidations in the production of the polymer precursor. Catalysts also serve established life sciences batch processes and support our customers in transforming them into continuous processes.

Evonik produces the key building blocks for crosslinking, also known as hardeners, for many important classes of polymers, such as epoxy resins or polyurethanes. Crosslinked polymeric network builds a protective structure. Crosslinkers increase the stability of the coating and improve the resistance towards environmental impacts.

As a specialist in concepts for skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care, skin cleansing, active ingredients, alternative preservation and product stabilization, we use renewable resources and sustainable methods based on four technology platforms: organics, silicones, biotechnology and actives. Our product range contains over 800 ingredients for beauty and personal care products: active ingredients, product preservation and product stabilization.  We use renewable resources and sustainable methods based on four technology platforms: organics, silicones, biotechnology and actives. But not only ingredients are part of our offer. As experts fwe create concepts and formulations that are tailored to your objectives and production conditions: concepts for skin care, sun care, color cosmetics, hair care, skin cleansing. These system solutions help to create nourishing, sustainable, innovative, and easy to use products.