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Pulp, Paper & Packaging

New, modern packaging materials offer virtually unlimited possibilities when it comes to design and functionality. As your specialty chemicals partner in the Pulp, Paper & Packaging market, Evonik offers a range of products to meet the needs of our customers. Whether active oxygens,; additives for paper coating or paper impregnation,; adhesives and sealants to cover producers’ environmental, sustainable, and recycling requirements; silica for paper, film, and textile coatings; or tissue additives to address almost all needs of the tissue and fluff pulp industry – Evonik has the right solution for you. 

Products & Solutions for Pulp, Paper & Packaging

Active Oxygens for Pulp & Paper

Hydrogen peroxide is a bleach for chemical and mechanical pulp and a disinfectant for water systems in paper mills, and it removes printing inks during paper recycling. Peracetic acid acts as a strong oxidizer and biocide against bad odor caused by bacteria and increases the brightness of paper. Persulfate salts can be used to oxidize the waterproof resin when recycling waste or offset paper. 

Additives for Paper Coating & Paper Impregnation

For the paper industry and in particular for paper coating and paper impregnation Evonik offers a class of excellent additives.

Adhesives and Sealants for Paper & Packaging

To cover the environmental, sustainable and recycling demands for producers across the entire industry value chains. Applications include bookbinding and graphic art, flexible packaging, high-gloss laminating for graphic arts, non-woven fabrics or pressure sensitive adhesives (tapes and labels).

Plastic Additives for Film, Foam & Fiber

Sustainable and comprehensive additive solutions for films especially for the flexible packaging market.

Silica for Paper, Film & Textile Coatings

Are you focused on producing prints with vibrant colors, high color intensity and consistent printability? Silica allows a wide range of print media properties to be controlled and enhanced in a targeted manner.

TEGO® RC Silicones for Labelstock Applications

Silicones for release liner, e.g. paper, filmic or other materials, for high speed and high precision labeling, cost effective and with environmental benefit

Tissue Additives

Our process aids and performance additives provide soft, safe products and innovative solutions for a better world for pulp/paper and tissue/fluff pulp applications. Based on a broad technology platform of organic specialty surfactants and organomodified siloxanes our broad product portfolio covers a variety of products with specific application profiles to address almost all needs of the tissue and fluff pulp industry: softeners and debonders under the AROSURF®, VARISOFT®, and REWOQUAT® trade names as well as softeners and pulp and paper defoamers under the TEGOPREN® trade name.

How our products work

In the pulp and paper industry, hydrogen peroxide is frequently applied as a versatile bleach for chemical pulp or mechanical pulp bleaching (as the only or the dominant bleaching chemical) and in paper recycling with printing ink removal (de-inking). The bleaching conditions can be adjusted within a wide range to suit equipment limitations and temperature level. 

Adhesives are needed for bookbinding and graphic art industry, flexible packaging, high-gloss laminating for graphic arts, non-woven fabrics or pressure sensitive adhesives. The label and tape industry is one of the most dynamic markets for the application of water-based PSAs (pressure sensitive adhesives). For this application area PSAs are coated onto carrier materials (paper or foil) with fast running machines. Here good knowledge is important to be able to adjust the interface phenomena, but also to overcome problems like macro-/micro-foam or surface defects by using specific solutions. Our portfolio includes antifoams and emulsifiers for the production of adhesive dispersions as well as additives to improve the performance of adhesive formulations. The additives we provide help reduce foaming, improve wetting, modify rheology behavior and can help to improve the dispersion of fillers.