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BREAK-THRU®, SURFYNOL®, TOMADOL® BREAK-GARD® and STOCKOSORB® – Specialty Solutions to enhance Plant Protection, Nutrition and Irrigation

We provide specialty additives for synthetic and biological agrochemical formulations and for Tank-Mix applications. In addition we provide soil solutions for increased crop yield.

Under the BREAK-THRU®, SURFYNOL® and TOMADOL® brands we market specialty additives for the crop protection industry, for tank mix adjuvants and in-can additives for pesticide formulations. We offer agricultural chemicals based on organomodified siloxanes and organic surfactants such as spreaders, penetrants, antifoams, dispersants and emulsifiers. We provide various adjuvants to improve penetration, provide rain fastness, create deposits and much more.
Water and nutritients are essential for plant growth. Drought stress is one of the major limiting factors that effects crop and fruit growth and productivity. Evonik addresses this challenge: BREAK-GARD® is an innovative soil adjuvant for irrigation and fertigation; STOCKOSORB® is our brand for high performing soil conditioners of water absorbent polymers. Both product groups are used to increase and stabilize crop yield especially under abiotic stress conditions like drought, salinity and/or flooding.