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We turn solar power into next generation energy.
Looking for ways to use solar energy creatively? Evonik can show you how it’s done.

A carport captures sunlight, turning it into new energy for your vehicle. Microstructured lenses boost the efficiency of solar systems. Back sheets protect the active components in solar modules against weathering effects and prevent the electric voltage from impacting the rear of the module.

Evonik's raw materials provide an eco-friendly alternative on the path to a more ecologically responsible energy management. And with over 60 years of silicon chemistry experience, we keep developing new processes for producing solar silicon more cost-effectively. With our wealth of ideas and solutions, we help harness the sun’s power.

The future of solar energy has only just begun. Innovative products and solutions from Evonik are used in various application areas of the solar industry and help harness the power of the sun more efficiently.

Products and solutions for photovoltaics

Evonik offers innovative and valuable products and components for solar cell production.