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We turn solar power into next generation energy.
Evonik offers innovative and valuable products and components for solar cell production.

Silicon raw materials

With decades of experience in silicon chemistry under its belt, Evonik supplies high-purity Siridion® chlorosilanes and monosilane for producing solar silicon and photoactive films in thin-film solar modules.

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Raw materials for encapsulants

Protecting the solar cells and circuits against chemical and mechanical impact, encapsulants are key components in extending the life time of solar modules.

Etching of CIS/CIGS solar cells

CyPlus manufactures high quality sodium cyanide (NaCN) and potassium cyanide (KCN) suitable for etching CIS/CIGS solar cells.

Vestamid Montage
Polymers for module protection

VESTAMID® is a high-performance specialty polyamide you will find since decades in the most demanding applications such as offshore oil pipelines and gas pipes as well as in automotive fuel lines and airbrake lines for trucks.

PLEXIGLAS® for high energy conversion

As we are all aware, generating electricity from solar energy is good for the environment; but that alone is not enough. Solar power generation also has to be cost-effective.