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Adhesives and Sealing Compounds

Evonik Industries is an important supplier to the adhesives industry.

Based on various chemical platforms, Evonik markets products that help adhesive manufacturers improve their formulations so that they can achieve more performance and efficiency. The continuously growing range of products and solutions reflects Evonik's innovative strength and flexibility - the answer to the modern requirements of the market.

Whether it be high-performance adhesives for the automotive industry, adhesives for the construction industry, industrial applications or for bonding polymers - Evonik offers products for a multitude of applications in the adhesive and sealing compound industries. For example, products manufactured by Evonik give hot melt adhesives their reliable cohesive power. Adhesive raw materials are used in many different areas of application - from adhesion in diapers, as an additive in road markings, beneath carpets, to furniture making. On top of this, they are also used in auto interiors and in carpet applications.

Linear co-polyesters are the basis for various hot melt applications, such as in the woodworking industry.

Other products from Evonik provide the perfect solution for many different automotive applications. Liquid polybutadienes have been used as sealing and insulation materials in the tire industry for decades.

Evonik's plasticizers are used to adjust the rheological properties of adhesives and sealing compounds and give the applied adhesive long-lasting flexibility. Functional silanes act as adhesion promoters between organic and inorganic materials. Moreover, fumed silica improves the rheological and mechanical properties of adhesives and sealants.