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Animal Nutrition

As the world's population keeps growing, so does the demand for meat, fish, milk, and eggs.

Our goal is to provide as many people as possible with access to affordable, high-quality animal protein produced with due regard for animal welfare and limited natural resources. Based on decades of experience in the field of animal nutrition, we develop scientifically sound, holistic solutions that help to simultaneously increase productivity, efficiency, and sustainability in livestock farming.

It is based on our proven amino acid products for low-protein animal nutrition. Products like MetAMINO®, Biolys®, ThreAMINO®, TrypAMINO®, and ValAMINO® improve the productivity of animal fattening, relieve the animal organism, and reduce nitrogen and phosphate emissions. Various AMINO services and tools support the exact supplementation of feed mixtures.

Our portfolio also includes solutions for specific requirements in livestock farming: The probiotics from Gut Health Solutions - Ecobiol®, GutCare®, GutPlus®, and Fecinor® - are helping to refrain from using growth-enhancing antibiotics in poultry and pigs. The algal oil from Veramaris and the methionine derivate AQUAVI® Met-Met enables the rearing of edible fish and crustaceans in aquaculture without using fish oil and fish meal. Mepron® is our methionine solution for ruminants and GuanAMINO® is a creatine source to enhance performance.

However, for optimal results in livestock farming, many things have to be changed in animal nutrition, animal health, and animal farming. Our approach is called Evonik Precision Livestock Farming, the data and knowledge-based production control. We offer software and services for feed analysis, farm monitoring, and gut modeling. The first Evonik solutions are AMINONIR®, Porphyrio®, and ScreenFloX®.