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Alcoholates made by Evonik are indispensable auxiliaries in chemical synthesis.

They make it possible to initiate and accelerate many chemical reactions - which is why they are used for different applications in a number of industries. Evonik's product range includes both sodium- and potassium-based alcoholates, available either in powder form or as solutions, and in an assortment of concentrations.

Alcoholates can be used to transform animal and plant oils or used edible fats into biodiesel by means of transesterification. Biodiesel is already a suitable alternative fuel - and with its alcoholates, Evonik is helping to make it more cost effective.

The classic applications for alcoholates in pharmaceutical and agricultural processes of synthesis are also important markets.

Evonik has an entire business line dedicated to catalysis. The focus is on catalysts for pharmaceuticals and the life sciences, polyolefins and for petrochemicals and large industrial applications.